Merchandise for byte

Could people on submit designs for new merchandise

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I like the idea of merch


I love merchandise. But merchandise has nothing to do with the company V2. The merchandise is done by the user and he’s the one that should promote it.

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I would be nice if V2 gift to the famous Artist some specials shirts or a diver. Like twitch do with his partners (partner of twitch is a person who have some requisit like a special amount of followers a viewers) I will love so much the app if Dom take this idea (or similar) because Twitch to have this make the app very unique and special


it’d be cool if there was, however i agree with @ItsMeJoseGChacin. it doesnt have anything to do with V2, the user could make the merch.


how about a v2 popsocket. It’s pretty cool cause you’re probably making vids on your phone!

Well yes, it doesn’t depend on v2 to make merch for them, but it depends on them

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He means like actual v2 merch. Like there was vine merch that people could buy/top creators got sent some free vine merch.

I would love to buy some v2 merch

Cool V2 Hoodies would be great!

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