Mental health awareness

Ill keep this short and sweet
You do matter
People do care about you
You arent alone
Knowing you have a problem is the first step to being happy
Please talk to someone ESPECIALLY if you have suicidal thoughts
And dont let the cons of your life outway the pros
Try to stay positive even if you feel like you’re in a pit of fire
Dont listen to your demons you are not your anxiety
People love you dont forget that

Have a good day byte discord :slight_smile:


please change to off-topic


Sorry my bad

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all good :+1:

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You’re a good person and someone on here might need this pug.

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i loved it, but that last line really pulled on dem heartstrings.

jokes aside, good message ru :ok_hand: I support this.

why you people saying sam it not his post


Huh? Wdym

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IKR what the frigg

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Huh ???

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wym huhsadfasdf

Small cliché advice: it does get better.

great message @pugplug

is this a fucking joke

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Are you kidding ?