Memories from the 2000s

You guys have probably seen the trending Twitter hashtag, and since I think most of us here are either teens or young adults, what are your favorite memories from the 2000s (2000-2010)? For me was probably playing the Wii with my sister and spending hours on GoVacation, wii sports/resort, Mariokart and games like that. There were tons of other things that I enjoyed but that was probably my favorite. How about you guys?


I loved playing the Wii as well! Still occasionally mess around with it with my sister when we have nothing else to do :wink: .
I remember playing with a Tamagotchi quite a bit during that time, and then getting really sad when they died lol

Mainly watching the cartoons like ed, edd and eddy and cramp twins etc.

I still have my wii but the controllers are broken :frowning: I’ll probably order some new ones

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I was a baby for most of 2000 but I can recall the hype over ipods and such

yes!!! 8 char

Those were great cartoon, kids next door wasn’t probably my favorite Cartoon Network show

I remember my dad got an iPod and I was obsessed with that thing :joy:

Some of mine were courage the cowardly dog and cow and chicken haha

yasss mariokart!! and cartoon network!! loved that. but you’d actually go out with your friends instead of play games so many distractions now. but the best thing was having to rewind your vhs these kids now are so privilege ! <3

Courage scared me to death :joy: something about that show

Yeah I think it messed me up :laughing:

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Omgg I still have about 50 vhs tapes that I can’t play bc my vhs take broke :frowning:

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watching cartoons

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oh no! 8

Any cartoons you liked in particular?

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The Ps1 was the best, also the cartoons

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Dont forget Courage the Cowardly Dog, it was my favorite

Cartoons were 100x better than what they are now sadly :frowning:

Completely agree, sometimes I see my younger brothers watching the cartoons and they are disgusting. They will never know the best cartoons

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