Megabyte? Chains?

I didn’t know what to call it, so I just was thinking of a “megabyte” or “Byte chains”.

Disclaimer: This is not an idea that I expect the Byte team to work on now (if they actually like this idea lol) because I know that they are tackling the essentials right now, but I just thought the idea would be kind of cool and unique. :slight_smile: Maybe they will work on this sometime in the future? Who knows :slight_smile:

I was thinking, instead of only allowing collabs in duet style (Which I know the Byte team mentioned that they would work on later), I was wondering if we could also do collabs with others in a series format.

For example, if me and 3 other byters wanted to collaborate, I could request to do a megabyte with them and they could approve it. When I posted my byte it would say somewhere that it’s apart of a series and what part of the series it is (part 1/4) and the person viewing it could tap a button that could lead them to the beginning of the series and they could watch it to the end. If they choose to watch a series of bytes, they could get a skip button or something to skip which ever video they don’t enjoy.

Not sure how the timing would go on these, but I’m thinking maximum 8 people could do a megabyte together and each person would get 8 seconds, so the whole series would be 64 seconds (if the Byte team actually puts the time up that far. 64 seconds is arbitrary for this example).

You would need at least two people to do a megabyte together and the series would be no longer than 64 seconds. If 2 people do a megabyte they can each get 32 seconds if they need it. If 3 people do a megabyte together they could get 21 seconds and so on…

With the time limit for these megabytes, another possibility would be to give each person the full 64 seconds to work with? I’m not sure, I’m just afraid it could make the whole series too long? But, it could be interesting though depending on what the megabyte is about.

What could we use megabytes for?

-Dancers dancing to a popular song
-Actors acting out a short skit or short film with multiple parts
-Singers singing different parts of the same song

Those were some of the ideas that I could think of off the top of my head, but I think this could be a way to collaborate while not necessarily using the same audio like you would in a duet.

This idea was inspired by @JPH’s series idea, but instead of only being allowed to put your own bytes into a series, you could also do series with other people. So maybe his idea could be called series and mines could be called something else?

It would be nice if there was also a “Megabyte” channel for this. :slight_smile:

Again, this is just idea, it could be bad or good to you guys, I’m not sure. I’m just trying to throw ideas out there. :slight_smile:

Please feel free to help me come up with a name for this or change the idea a bit.


This sounds more like the idea that they tested in the alpha builds (Pages). Though I don’t know exactly how it worked, it was eventually shot down. Dom discussed this more thoroughly in my post.

Some logistical things like, who can connect them together, would you need to make a request to the original creator, or would it be public like TikTok.

Though I like the idea, For now I think that Byte Series is the easiest implement if anything. In all honesty, The entire team should really work on the byte camera some more, a whole redesign if necessary.

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byte pages were just like instagram’s carousels. i don’t remember the reasoning behind deleting it, but i think it would pair nice with the looping updates so seamless bytes could still be “threaded”.


I understand the concept, and I think it could work. I simply mean that a lot of work would be needed for this. Compared to my relatively simple idea.

@JPH I would consider this different than pages because pages was only for one person to record videos where this idea would involve multiple people. Yes, I agree that this could be a lot of work, but I think it could be fun and could open up new possibilities for collaborations. Another plus is that it’d be unique from TikTok lol.

I also agree that this would not be something that I would expect the team to address now as I know that they are working on the essentials right now (hence my disclaimer). Maybe (if they like this idea) they could work on it along with yours when they had the chance.

Maybe the original creator could have the setting set to public which would allow anyone, but only up to 8 people to collaborate or they could have it on private where only the people that the original creator requests can collaborate.

I was also thinking that when someone taps to watch the megabyte, it would start from the beginning to end and only loop at the end of the last video. So for example, if someone chooses to watch an 8 part megabyte each video would be 8 seconds and all they would watch them from beginning to end and at the end of the 8th video it would loop and go back to the first video.

If the viewer wants a particular video in the megabyte to loop more then they could hold the screen or something to make it loop more. I just think it would probably flow better if they played straight through than to constantly loop each video until you tapped something to move on to the next one.

It would also be nice when in the preview screen to be able to see how your byte fits in with the video before yours to help it flow as good as possible. People that are probably dancing to a music loop may not need the preview screen as much because the loop is already made, but I think it might help other types of creators.

Like I said, I’m not sure how the timing would go though. it could be evenly spilt between the people that decides to do the megabyte together (If the time limit of each Byte is 64 seconds and 8 ppl choose to do a megabyte together each person would have 8 seconds to record even though they aren’t required to use all 8 seconds if they don’t need it.)

The second option could be just to give everyone that’s in the megabyte the full 64 seconds to work with? I just worry that it might make them too long, but maybe one person that’s recording might need more time than the person before them. I doubt that ppl would actually use all 64 seconds in a megabyte tbh…

Ok, I promise I’m done now lol…I know that this would probably take a lot of work to do from the Byte team and would probably be touched on later in Byte’s journey (if you actually like this idea that is @dom :slight_smile: ), but I honestly think it could be really fun and could also be really unique to this platform. :slight_smile:

Feel free to play around with the idea and even what it’d be called. Everything that I said here is hypothetical and can be changed. I just wanted to explain it in a way that could be understood easier. :blush:

This is a good example of what I was going for with this idea. CarolClevelandsings did such an amazing job meshing these clips together!!

The only difference would be that everyone would have their own individual short clip on their profile and a viewer seeing the individual clip would tap to “see the megabyte” and the video with all the parts together (just like the video example above) would be what the viewer would end up seeing…I hope that makes sense :slight_smile:

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Megabyte - @Dollpower lol


When you mentioned Dollpower it actually made be think that even cartoonists or even ppl that use dolls or other action figures (like Dollpower) could make megabytes together!

I think that it’d be so cool to watch a megabyte of a cartoon with two different drawing styles (or action figures/ dolls) still relate to each other in a video! This is not something I’ve seen on other platforms, but I think it’d be really cool to see. :slight_smile:

Your Idea is :fire: and it would be good for Byte. You should make a Thread about a Byte Camera Redesign as it could actual music that we hear from our phones as Hip Hop, POP and other music genders.

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It’s actually a cool idea. Kind of like the King Bach (Vine) Jordan Series.

And The Jerry Purpdrank, Max Jr, named as: Throw it Series form back then on 2015. I didn’t actually found the video on you tube, but I remember about that trend that they made back then.

And also the Destorm- Power series that he made with a Comedy Song.

I Love your Idea, But I think that it would be better to see it as a trend at some point’s, as Series #’s, where also the series content creators could also Rebyte all the Cahin that they made.

This would be following JPH’s idea (basically linking a series of your own videos together). My idea and his idea is very similar, but mines would allow people to create their own individual videos that could be linked together with other people. I really think that adding both of these features would be really awesome! :slight_smile: I’m glad that you guys are giving a lot of positive feedback on this :slight_smile:

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I’m sure there are hundreds of threads about it, but hopefully them developing a bunch of new features for the camera they will have to go back to the drawing board and pick a more suitable creator oriented design. Dom did mention “a few surprises” so a new camera would be a welcome surprise.


Hopefully they take the Camera into consideration. That will bring more people.