Mega byte(super like)

So I have been thinking of a way to make byte different than other apps like insta and tik tok
And I’d like to present the idea of “Mega Byte” AKA the super like
So the idea is that every user would have the ability once to choose their favorite byte of the day and super like it
And their would be a category called “Mega byte of the day” where users with most super likes would be featured on.

You can only choose 1 Byte a day to be your “Mega byte” (you can’t choose your own bytes) so once you choose it it’s final.


I like this! It seems like it could add something special to the platform as well as for bigger creators to acknowledge smaller creators. The only issue i feel would ppl just trying to abuse this like r4r or f4f but i don’t think it would be a big problem.


I feel like favoritism is going to be abused if this is implemented :man_shrugging:t4:


Yeah, it’s going to be another tool to abuse among creators. I fear what adding features like this could mean for a community so small so far. ‘SELLING MEGABYTES I HAVE 1K FOLLOWERS’ stuff like that. No thanks.


Preach :man_shrugging:t4::rocket::shushing_face:


I would say no matter how many followers you have, you’ll still have 1 megabyte per day. I mean it’s a big risk, but it’s gonna help byte be more unique👌
What you think?


There will always be this risk of people abusing features, but it could help byte be more unique :ok_hand: no other app has had an option like this

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‘rebytes for rebytes’ groups are going to turn into ‘megabytes for megabytes’ if this happens