Mega byte collab

I’ve decided to launch another mega collaboration, seeing the success of my previous collab being so extravagant I decided to do another one.

For this collab, I only ask for around 5-10 byters more would nice, with a girl to boy ratio of 2:1. I’m not being sexist or favoriting any byters in particular, it’s just that I’ve already got a couple of ideas for this funny collab which would involve all the girls outnumbering the boys in scenarios such as an invasion at a sleepover, walking into the wrong bathroom or even the boys hitting on the girls at a nightclub.

These are the kind of ideas I’m going for in this collab, if you wanna join in the action just drop your @ on insta in the comments below and I’ll add you to the collab group. Once we have +10 byters willing to join (or somewhere around the target number of people roughly within 48hrs) we’ll start the collab. If half way through the collab anyone else wants to be part of it, I’ll add them to the collab group and slot them into the video.


i would be so down for it! twitter/ig: @imznarve byte @znarve

I’m down too :slight_smile:
IG @francesco_amendola
Byte @Francesco

I’m down!
IG: @Geds_2004
Byte: Geds

Sounds good, my guy. This could be pretty funny if executed right. I also use Sony Vegas and edit all my stuff out of app, so if you want help with editing, let me know. Let’s get this thing going!

IG: @realplasticrice
Byte: @PlasticRice

I’m down. I’ll bring chickens. @BuchanansBarnyard

I am in @Furkanaibani message me on ig @furkanaibani

Is that your byte or insta username?

Byte: Zash
Insta: Luis.hurtados

I’m interested. My insta is ByteOfOrange and my byte is Orange.

Sounds cool:) Byte is @Becca , insta is @beccamarch__

618 followers actually

I’m down. Insta is charliescott93

I’m down for a collab
Byte: Andreaz
IG: andreaswahlbeck

i’m down!!!
byte: @airyy
ig: @airymonet

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@TupacSon interested

Sounds good @NeelPrasad

Byte: @Wolfshifter
IG: TheOriginalWolfshifter

Both lol

Byte and ig @beargummo. I might be late on the post