#meettheladies, a clear sign that this has to be fixed

i’m sorry :pleading_face: there was no way i was trying to portray that at all


Sometimes the only way we learn is by messing up! And that’s okay! How we respond to something is more telling about who we are as people!


thank you for letting me know though! I will take this more into consideration before I post anything related and think about if I would offend anyone with that punchline/joke. I’m guilty of using the “dumb blonde” joke but turned it into green hair. Which I personally don’t even believe in at all, I’ve met many “blondies” in my life and they’re all pretty smart

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Don’t worry about it.

Don’t forget “Creavity First” not “proper first” :blush:


Thank you! but for sure, I will definitely keep in mind what I post in the future :smile:


Hi @dom I think there’s currently a lot of uncertainty around this, and it’s making some people nervous.

So in this scenario, would the lads that used this hashtag despite not being a lady face these repercussions? (post-implementation)

I think we just need some clarification as to what your position of misuse is, as there seems to be varying opinions especially in this thread. For example, some people think the guys didn’t misuse it as they were on-trend, but some people think they did misuse it because they weren’t ladies and it wasn’t meant for them.


Men have taken over this thread.


@electronicant78 :clap::clap::clap:

:joy: love it - u win today - just like ur bytes u make, perfectly timed punchlines :gift_heart::gift_heart::gift_heart:


I think it was mis-used toward the end, but lessons learned here, so moving forward, we will have to be more conscious about what we byte about.


I mean if a man had an original/cool idea I could understand using it.

But dressing up as a woman is not exactly original… nor is it funny anymore. Most of them have no punchline it is literally just har har I looo like a women🤡

The whole point was that we don’t see enough female creators on the app and some men had to take it over. Read the room and just post on #comedy


Checked out the tag for the first time today and was v confused to see a bunch of men so thanks for starting the convo @LittleDewDroplets!

One of the bytes I came across was someone transforming into a woman and part of the joke was that they had big boobs after the transformation? Eek like I don’t understand how having big boobs in and of itself is funny??

Generally I think it’s ok to use limited time categories or features as prompts because we’re all just trying to trigger creativity, right? Plus we wouldn’t want to exclude anybody from participating just because they don’t pay attention to the forum. In this case I think it was a pretty clear opportunity to showcase women and to use the category as a cis-man might have been a little tone-deaf.

In terms of the transformation interpretation of the tag, I think any way women wanted to use the tag is ok. It’s kind of a cool creative outlet for people who love to dress up but have nowhere to go right now.


Tag abuse is definitely a problem. It’s not specific to this one at all but it just makes it all the more apparent and absurd. If your loop fits the theme, if that’s through gender identity or (respectful) parody, that’s fine. But if you are throwing it in the category for clout and it has nothing to do with it, you’re just kind of an asshole.


I love your comment, for 2 reasons.

  1. By the time I saw the hashtag I only saw makeup transformation, so I had no idea it started as something more personal and individual. You taught me something.

  2. Because I had been feeling this and not putting it into words, not understanding it exactly, until you said it. Thank you, I now understand why it felt so offensive.


Ahh! Thanks so much!! It can be super hard to articulate things and I’m glad I managed to express what you were trying you!
Thanks for making the thread too! It can be hard to speak up and express that feeling without someone taking the first step for you! :heart:


Idea for community moderation: after 10 or 1000 or however many reports specifically for “tag abuse” the creator is prompted with a request to retag. They can keep the same tag at that point but if they continue to be reported they will be prompted again but will be forced to pick a new category. There won’t be any harsh banning penalties for this. It’s not that serious. But maybe if it’s annoying enough people will stop abusing the tags or at least do it less.


After reading this entire post, I believe it would be nice to place a description of what a hashtag/category means to avoid any misuse/misunderstanding. Maybe when I open the category, the first byte I see is a fun description/example representing what this category is all about? The byte description would always stay up there first regardless of how many times you’ve already seen the description followed by the usual algorithm. :blush: This way, no one can misinterpret the category. :100:


So, Jengotcanceled started the hashtag. I’m not sure where you saw that it wasn’t about makeup and dressing up, @ConvincingHorse, but that really is what it was about. Jen then tagged a few other byters and said, “and guys can do it too”. The post and comments are still up. (I tried to link the Byte, but I can’t figure out how to do that without embedding it so you can see the caption and comments. But, it’s this one from 4 days ago.)

I thought about not saying anything because I don’t want to offend y’all. But I thought you should know that the hashtag became something more than the author intended it to be.

I’m with you on abusing categories, but hashtags are a much trickier thing. They take on a life of their own. For Jen, it looks like it was a fun opportunity to get made up while people aren’t getting the chance. For you, it meant something more.


I feel you on feeling excluded from your voice being heard, but I dont see a way of this being implemented without controlled trends which are very bad for apps… I think the art is in the translation other creators pick up from one anothers art forms and or movements. Idk …that’s a tough one.


Jelly I like this idea.