#meettheladies, a clear sign that this has to be fixed

At this point, I’ve made a topic and commented on topics time and time again about category miss-use. I know, I’m getting heavy. But with the introduction of Limited Categories this feeling has been getting worse and worse until today it exploted. Honestly? The category miss-use is making me want to use the app less.

Tell me why “Meet the ladies” is today full of men? There have been posts about supporting women on this community, and yet… I’m tired of people chasing clout and then coming here to the forums to talk about “just having fun” and “being creative”. Half the people now miss-using the Meet The Ladies category were on that topic talking about how they could support women. Hint? This is not how.

I know there isn’t much point to me posting this: If there are gonna be tools to control category abuse, they are going to come when they come. But at least we, as a community, should be better.


I agree.

FYI, I avoid hashtag.


My question is how will they fix it? Short of having a moderator go in and remove the hashtag (ex: letting someone else edit your post which I’m not cool woth) I don’t see an actual fix.

It needs to be a community thing.

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I have proposed that actually. Many believe it would lead to abuse, I personally think that at this stage no one has a big enough “hater-base” for that to be an actual threat. I think, at least for now, community moderation would help a lot.


It’s a slippery slope to allow other users to edit someone’s post.

It is, I definitely understand why it’s not a solution in the long-term.
I believe -maybe wrongly! I’m not trying to pretend I have ll the answers or anything- that right now it would work just fine by balancing the amount of people that would have to flag it to take effect + manual moderation if the poster complaints


I kind of agree, kind of don’t. I know this might be a little unpleasant but please hear me out.

A hashtag is what the community makes it. For me personally, it’s kind of been a prompt so far. Utz, Dannis, and Furkan (Just quickly saw some) all seemed to “use the hashtag right” in that their content was relevant. So I guess what they did wrong was that they used it at all?

Promoting women is a great cause. I don’t know about you, but I attend women related events at my company including “international women’s day”, where i was actually encouraged to go. Seeing men at these places legitimises these thoughts and events (and these are not my words, they were that of the presenters). Just trying to offer another perspective.

Whilst I agree to a degree that it could be “used for clout chasing”, when the app blows up, it’ll be so much harder to influence the community like you are trying to here due to the sheer number of people. I’d argue that it’s already getting hard.

I want to talk about my last point then. Featured categories and hashtags. Personally, I couldn’t think of a skit or loop that was appropriate because the hashtag kind of just cut me out as I probably wasn’t the appropriate audience. If I could have thought of one I would’ve posted. I don’t know if that makes me a clout chaser. What I’m getting at is I don’t know if these limited things should ever segregate anyone. I know the intent is to promote, but there is a side effect. Everyone was able to participate in roll up or 2020, but now I’m here kinda on the side lines not knowing how to participate in this one.

It’s kinda a catch 22, if the hashtag wasn’t featured, it would likely just be women. But if it is, it gives greater exposure. So then would you be happier that these hashtags were not featured? Or are you willing to let everyone participate? Regardless if it’s for clout or just to show support.


My point is that we as a community should find a solution to the problem.

I it just makes more sense that if we are going to grow together then we can solve our problems together.

I understand where you are coming from, and I respect you as a creator. However…

Posting on a category like “meet the ladies” when you are not one can only come from one place: wanting to jump on the trend to get more views. What’s the difference between them doing that and me posting, idk, food to the beauty category? Or a dog video to cosplay? Miss-use of categories has been a thing that was talked about at length; and as I’ve said in other topics, avoiding it’s the reason why we can’t post to multiple categories, even when it would be perfectly reasonable because some content doesn’t fit just one.

Part of my complaint has to do with the miss-use. Some people are just using the hashtag for comedy skits, not even the proper “transforming” concept that it was supposed to be about. Although it personally upsets me (because of my following point), I feel like the cases you mentioned are more subjective as far as them being miss-use or not.

But also, my other complaint is the hypocrisy. This forum has seen posts about supporting women, and supporting small creators, and about “don’t worry about the numbers just have fun”. The moment they can jump on the trend though, some people completely change face and do it for the numbers. Jumping on this trend is piggybacking on women to try and steal the spotlight. I would hold women accountable of the same if there was a trend for men and they jumped on it. Or for queer people, or POC, or disabled people… how would people feel if it had been a white guy doing blackface in a tag made by and for black people?


Well, sometimes men want to feel equal to ladies, and sometimes they want to express their feminine side in such a hashtag.

But it’s hard to moderate such a tag, because sometimes it could be offensive to remove a man’s post in a woman’s hashtag if he identifies as a woman or something of that nature, so it’s just a really delicate and awkward thing to moderate.

I really haven’t seen any gross misuse of the tag, most of the sketches are harmless, and the content is relevant to the hashtag. There’s no instructions as to what the tag is specifically meant for, so it’s open for interpretation.

While there is misuse going on in some categories, it seems like this tag is relatively on topic (after 5 mins or so of scrolling)


Yup I understand your concerns don’t get me wrong.

To me, there’s kinda a distinction in terms of misuse.

Using a food category for a space related byte is straight up misuse, and I would report that. Same as if someone just did a random skit about hopping in the shower and tagged it under roll up.

However, a guy doing the trend exactly as the others have, doing the whole brush thing to transform, glowing up, then using the “meet the ladies” hashtag, i don’t think it’s misuse. Content wise, it’s “relevant”

Have a piece of fruit as the punchline for a joke and then putting the byte under food. That’s grey borderline misuse to me, though I’ve been guilty of this one.

Definitely agree there is misuse, but I’m not sure if it’s in the #meettheladies hashtag. Obviously we have to agree to disagree here, but just wanted to offer another viewpoint.


You’re right about the misuse of this category but its not just this one…cough art, cute, nature cough

Dont think the forum is the place to turn this into a social issue and i get where you’re coming from but its just not the only hashtag, not the only category that it happens too. Its a trending category but it happens all the time on this app unfortunately. Something should be done to change it but its not just #meettheladies with this problem and once this limited category is up it wont be the last either


The purpose of the hashtag came out of the fact that a lot of times dudes crowd-out women on the platform. Like, you look at the top of the popular or comedy category and it will be mostly men.

So, the hashtag was to amplify women’s voices and help make things level.

By guys coming in, especially guys with more clout that will probably get to the top of the algorithm and crowd out the women with less of a following, it’s…it’s like going for your fourth slice of pizza when some people at the party haven’t gotten any yet.

The sketches might be harmless, but it still undermined and co-opted the spirit of the hashtag.

I personally think it’s tacky and think it’s something that merits self-reflection of our community.


Dom has said that the algorithm has nothing to do with your follower counts, it’s more of a ratio that’s hard to explain, and every user has the same chances to be at the top of the trends.

Also it’s kind of sexist and segragatory to exclude guys from a hashtag, just saying. :man_shrugging:


Just to make it fair, we should have #MeetTheMen and the ladies can go do their byte on it.

My only concern is that content gets created, and with everything, there’s gonna misinterpretation- I think the guys did great and had to courage to transform themselves into “ladies” - some cringy but if u got a smile from it, then it served its purpose :blush:


I have made posts about this general topic before.


For me personally I identify as someone who’s very gender fluid and I would be falsely identifying and living a lie if I said I’m just a “male.” I look like a guy, and I have the anatomy of a guy but no one is going to tell me that I’m not a girl or that I can’t identify as such. Now, this is a category on an app so clearly it’s not that deep, but. We can’t rule anyone out just because it’s #meettheladies. It’s 2020. We are in a time in the world where things like this should be accepted and modernized because it’s our current reality. The world is continuing to become more fluid and diverse. I understand the reach here. I just personally feel like this one there’s no wrong doing or malice. I do believe the boys wanted to support the laddies of byte and also wanted to uplift the spirit by hopping on such a fun and trendy hashtag!



Would you say it’s racist for black people to do a tag for themselves, excluding everyone else? It’s ok for people to create their own trends! I wouldn’t jump on a trend made by guys for guys, or by black people for black people, by asian people for asian people, by parents for other parents… don’t you think it’s a bit problematic to need to be part of everything, all the time? Or to deserve to be part of everything all the time?

As @americascomic explained, the hashtag was born from a specific reality: men tend to rise to the top faster and more consistently. Meet the ladies was a way to lift up women, and it was co-opted. It is not segregation, and the fact you could use a word as loaded as that is… extremely worrysome to me.


I was mad confused when i saw so many guys on there


holy hell why are there so many dudes on there