Meet-ups arranged by V2

Whenever a meet-up would happen, with users on the old app, it would always be arranged by specific groups or popular users. I think V2 should arrange these meet-ups statewide/internationally. I think this would be better than having a “meet and greet” type of scenario which divides users instead of having everyone treated as equals.
Am I making sense?


Yeah that sounds like a good idea


Is that how it worked the last time?


Do you mean something like a V2Con?


I think official meet-ups would be great. YouTube does a lot of these types of things at their YouTube Spaces in the various cities.

And on a bigger scale, a v2 dedicated convention as mentioned here:


Definitely not like vcon

You mean like the meet ups?

Lol they have meet ups?


yeah, they do.

I think the line between meetup and a meet and greet have become so blurred.

I would love a day to meetup with fellow creators like YouTubers used to do before VidCon and Playlist, etc. It wasn’t about the fans meeting their favorite creators but instead creators hanging out with their peers.

v2 could host these almost like fun professional development days to help network within the community and improve content.


Exactly. Not something you need tickets for.

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i would be so down for this :smile: a meet up where people can interact with their favorite artists for free and create content if wanted

This sounds cool. I’d definitely like to see a meetup tab on the V2 website when the app launches. It would be cool to have a Product Hunt-like meetup community.

It’d be pretty sweet to have this happen. Meeting new people and collabs are good to grow an account

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Highly Doubt It

Due to high amounts of danger in the previous and current year(s), we have been having dangerous issues which include inappropriate content which I would not like to share, some scary some creepy.

If you mean top V2’s or can I call it Viners?! Or regular Viners then sure - I guess.
Or… V2 could have meet-ups within the V2 HQ or make a community area where loads of different Viners can meet and do Vines with people like Lele Pons if they join, or Rudy Mancuso! Let’s see what the launch it like first shall we?

They mean the second thing you said. What the hell were you talking about at the start of your reply?

Would be cool