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I’ve seen a lot of discussion about including a revine button, not including a revine button (or what this would be similar to on the v2 platform), allowing celebrities on the app, verrfied status’, dislike buttons, loop features, link to other platforms, and many other things that essentially contribute to the ways in which media spreads.

So I am here to enlighten you on some things that I have learned in my time at Florida State University majoring in Editing, Writing, and Media. (I have shared some of these ideas in a reply thread, but I wanted to put it in a post to educate some of those who did not see it before)

Spreadable media is the concept that media can only be considered successful from the ways in which is spread. The ways in which it spreads can be determined by audience participation; this follows a model of participatory culture. Things like fan bases and followings are examples of this. Revining (or the alike), or liking and looping a v2 would contribute to the spreadability of the artists content, and ultimately to the content of the app, contributing to the success of the platform. Without a button, without a like, without a loop, there would be no means of spreadability, no means of measuring success or reaching beyond a certain audience.

I believe that we all want v2 to be as successful as possible. I think we should consider spreadable media in proposing ideas or our ‘preferences’ in what we would like to see in the app.

If you want to learn more about spreadable media, look into Henry Jenkins work.


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this is a great explanation from a very educated source; feel free to elaborate as you get some more ideas :wink:


Thanks I appreciate you

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I was not able to reply yesterday as my reply count was all used up for the last 24 hour period, but I would like to say:

This is very true. Thank you for making a post of its own because I did not see anyone say this, so I’m sure many others would’ve missed it as well. As someone who studies business management as part of their program, this is common sense to me and is very commonly seen in marketing. But as Voltaire said, common sense is not so common.

There are many ways to make any form of media more spreadable. Some of these have been shared in posts of their own such as monetization (as encouragement) and sponsorship/partnerships. On top of this, generating a wholly positive experience for the user-base is one of the most common but underrated (not well thought out enough, for lack of a better phrase) methods for attracting and attaining a fanbase. This is what would create the greatest quantity and quality of what is called “buzz marketing”, which is an uncontrollable form of marketing often simplified to word-of-mouth spreadability.

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Thank you so much for contributing to this conversation in such an effective way. I completely agree that one of the best ways to promote media speadability is by word of mouth and by “simply” creating good quality of content through buzz marketing. @dom

I’m curious to know where and what exactly you study? @Wizard

Thanks for asking @heckingheck I’m currently attending the University of Waterloo. I’m in the Arts and Business program (Honours arts major in psychology). The business aspect is a certification in business management. I’m also trying to do a second degree in computer science (or a minor) because I’m interested in the field of artificial intelligence.


Well heck. Good luck with that! That’s awesome!

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This is great, thanks for sharing this :heart:


Thank you so much @Zoebe4 ! I just want people to be aware of media as a whole and how it operates, especially within an app!


really good information from a seemingly credible source. would love to hear some more perspectives…


Thank you! I will offer more perspectives as they become relevant. I’m developing more theories and actually working on a case study right now so I guess I’ll keep the forums updated.


Really insightful, Thanks for the information!

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Thank you @Xtian! And to anyone, feel free to contribute to this discussion!!!

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