Meaningful Larger Projects

I used to describe our 6 second videos as a bite sized portion of what we had to offer. Many people went on to do “bigger and better” things after being discovered. :clap: :clap: :clap:

Unfortunately the lack of participation in long term / larger projects for the community seemed to mean that all the perceived talent was being scooped up from our little app and sold like a bed sheet full of counterfeit Nikes on 7th ave.

Musicians are my best point of reference, so I’ll stick to what I know. Aside from our boy Shawn Mendes, we saw way too many unprepared artists being fast tracked into a form of stardom that looked a little bit like a Kraft single. Not only that, but some of the most talented, creative and original artists weren’t getting a true chance to shine.

This is not to say that the likes of Asa Martin, Rocky McJittery or Ashley Armstrong should have been subjected to the “sign on the dotted line and I’ll make you a million bucks kid” process. Some of my favourite organic artists had mild success on kickstarter and other platforms :clap: (real clapping this time), but I can’t help feeling like the big company was simply an ill fit for supporting and growing the careers of it’s best and brightest.

I hope to see this new iteration of bite sized music, comedy and art take a long term approach to developing its devoted artists into larger collaborative efforts.

When people take a bite of an artist’s sandwich, and scream out “we want more”, give them more, but do it properly, and stay true to the artists. That way, when lunch arrives, the original fans can still digest it, and leave a five star review on Yelp.

<3 Mark


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