Mean Comments

Hello Gen Zer here. So I’ve seen millennials say they’ve been getting very hurtful comments. I want to apologize and say that we don’t actually mean them. The reason we say “leave” or “no❤️“ is because we generally just don’t think you’re funny. I don’t think y’all aren’t funny it just wasn’t the content we were looking for cause tbh, yalls jokes mad corny sometimes. The Racist and Homophobic comments are too far though. Gen Z have advocated for blm the most. I can say that the racist and homophobic comments come from people that are lgbtq+ or are black/minorities. Still doesn’t make them alright

Also the death threats are very very horrible and I apologize immensely. Gen Z jokes about it and we don’t take it seriously but I understand how it can affect your mental health so I apologize deeply.

We are just settling in, eventually we’ll get bored and leave you guys alone if that’s what you want! I personally want to take to millennials to see their POV of this situation! All love :heart:


Don’t mind my username y’all lol :joy_cat::joy_cat:


ironically, commenting on bytes you dont like might not help with the algorithm and finding videos you would like.


Yeah true, idk why we even interact


I have the visuals. Oh no.

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me too omg ew💔

This is a side note lolol I remember when Vines got closed down… I try Tik Tok I said one comment about is this the new Vine? (to before was added)…hahaha and I got yelled at :joy::joy: and now I’m telling those are like is this the new tikertoker2… :flushed::nail_care:… no​:heart: :joy::joy:


The only thing that angers me is that people are re-uploading TikToks on here and people are tagging their videos in the wrong categories. Can we see some Byte style videos that we had 2 days ago and not reuploaded TikToks?

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Creativity first

chileee we just came on this app from news that this was like a tiktok 2. Tiktok has lots of varieties that’s why we mainly post our tiktoks. Also if it does get banned then you want see tiktoks??? I don’t get why it’s such a big deal if people are, Ive seen lots of us youse original byte to make videos

Well when Vines close down I went to Tik Tok and asked if this was Vine 2 and I got yelled at… and since the creator of byte is from Vine This is Vine 2… Byte about it

This app started off as Vine 2.0. Twitter closed Vine in 2016; the creators of Vine started Byte as an alternative a few years later.

We are here because we DON’T want to see TikToks.

If you are talking about “varieties” as in creativity:
Vine had a lot of varieties. There were some viral Vine’s, comedic Vine’s, mashups, etc…

If you are talking about “varieties” as in features and editing: This isn’t TikTok; don’t expect TikTok features on here.

Everybody thought of tiktok as a vine 2, idk who cussed you out though. We just came from twitter and tiktok because we saw news that this app is like a second tiktok. We didn’t really read what it’s about, and it’s just our tiktoks, nobody’s advocating for the complete change of byte so I don’t see a problem with posting our tiktoks, especially if they’re creative.

Twitter close Vine


We came from twitter/ tiktok with little information about this app, all we were told is that it’s tiktok 2. Nobody’s advocating for the complete change of byte, it’s our tiktoks, I don’t see a problem

I thought Instagram and YouTube was the new Vine… the problem is acting like you own this, when we were here first, try to welcome you all to keep the community and then you try to own it when you can’t… so I will keep welcoming you and many others…its ok…

you don’t own it either

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I never said I owned it I said community

nobody’s acting like we own it… I responded cause he said “the problem I have is with y’all posting your tiktoks” Tiktok does have a lot of creativity, I was just saying.

All good

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