Me getting attacked for telling alt tiktokers to respect peoples religions

Charli and Dixie were also raised by Republican parents. Their dad, Marc D’Amelio, ran as a Republican candidate for the Connecticut State Senate (District 25) in 2018. Charli and Dixie are on Triller which is a TikTok alternative, mostly used by Republicans (incl. Donald Trump).

A while ago there was also an old VSCO photo from Dixie that emerged on the internet in which you could see Trump-Pence MAGA campaign posters next to the US-flag in a bedroom but she later tweeted that she’s an independent and has never supported Trump.

Judge for yourself:

Left: Dixie’s photo of Trump-Pence campaign posters - Right: Dixie D’Amelio

I bet that these alt-TikTokers who attacked geo are very anti-Republican, so why not attack, hate and boycott Charli and Dixie as well?

I personally don’t care if they are/were Republican because I used to be a Republican myself until like February 2020 (now an independent) and never have supported Trump either. I don’t judge or boycott people based on their political/religious beliefs, gender, sexuality or whatever tf, I may disagree with you or your actions but I will never hate you as a person, attack you or send death threats.

I personally like to be around people who have different beliefs and opinions so that we can learn from each other and also better understand why they think the way they think. :smile:

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You see, they did🧍🏻

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They did and now I know for sure charli doesn’t 🧍

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man i didn’t wanna give you the attention but you really gotta stop this obsession with Charli… you are the only person i’ve heard talk about her on here. what is the point of this anger? you have thrown hate at both “alt” and “straight” tiktok. i’ve seen dozens of comments about Charli from you. whether it’s positive or negative (i’ve seen both), usually a comment regarding Charli is from you. it’s all you did in the discord server, too. no one even talks about those two genres of tiktok or the “hype house” anymore - this original thread is from two months ago. just chill plz thx


you want me to stop hating on Charli?

i would like for you to stop being obsessed with charli and alt and straight tiktok because this is not the tiktok forum