Me getting attacked for telling alt tiktokers to respect peoples religions

alt tiktok is toxic and unfunny now. i commented on a post making fun of christianity to respect peoples religions and alts are now attacking me. im sick to death of alt tiktok honestly. deleted the app.


Well the majority of children today are raised by Chinese Government. They control what our youth sees. Kids younger than 10 are watching soft core porn, animal cruelty, and more on TikTok. If TikTok isn’t banned, China will have full control over an entire generation. Instead of watching kids shows, they’re seeing the worst the world has to offer at the most impressionable time in their lives. The hostility & hate carried by these children isn’t normal & it comes from a direct source. Just my opinion here. It’s not all kids- but most are subjected to horrible, horrible content that people shouldn’t be watching- let alone kids.


wha- you- they-
there’s shit on tv too. lmaooo if parents are letting their kids watch tiktok, then uHm they probably don’t have a t v f i l t e r

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yeah i called myself part of “alt” tiktok for awhile, but it was hard for me to find where this “non-judgmental” community was that they kept talking about. religion/spirituality is such a personal thing to each person and should never be attacked regardless of who you are. i really hope these kids will grow up soon otherwise idk what kind of culture they’re gonna create.


TV is controlled programming. TikTok is completely different. That’s not an opinion, it’s a fact.

Tiktok certainly has some inappropriate and horrible content but to say that kids are being raised by the Chinese government? huh???
You know that Tiktok isn’t the first social media app to have bad content right?
There are a lot of problems with Tiktok but kids were being exposed to this stuff on other platforms (and through television) well before it’s inception.

I want to be clear that I’m not defending the Chinese govt here, but I think you’re giving them way too much credit. You know the US and other countries suck too right? The US is actually kinda horrible for kids with or without one Chinese video app, it’s no wonder they get more angry and hostile every year.

On what basis would Tiktok actually be banned for? If the government is allowed to ban Tiktok, what comes next? Again I can agree that there are a lot of issues w/ Tiktok but I don’t thinking banning the app is the answer or any sort of useful solution.

May I have a link to the post😹 I’m just interested in what it said

What tv channel do kids watch people dipping live fish into acid? The animal channel must’ve switched up their content since last time I checked. And I don’t think Instagram has ever promoted something like that. China Gov controls who sees what content. As someone who has studied power of social media influence over the past 10 years professionally, I can confidently say another country’s government is influencing nearly an entire generation.

I mean usually nowadays kids have internet access at a young age like when I was younger I used to get on best gore so kids could literally search up anything by themselves and find out so It’s not just TikTok It’s the internet itself

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You right, but TikTok is shoving it in the face of children. Kids wouldn’t go out of their way to watch anima cruelty. But on TikTok it’s featured! That’s the issue- why is it featured? WHO is controlling that? WHY are they doing it? You know?

Well the videos aren’t exactly featured It’s kind of the people themselves on TikTok who controls how many people see this If people in tiktok like and share the video then The video will be put out to more ppl usually these videos are taken down But I really think the people who are making these videos need to be held accountable more so then the app itself because they’re the ones posting them not tiktok itself I hope that makes sense


I got you! I agree. I just believe if a country wanted to get ahead of another country, the best way to do it would be to mess up an entire generation by using the power of social media. Put out horrible, messed up videos- give it fake engagement and put it in front of the kids. It’d be that simple. And it goes for Fd up videos, religion, ideology- everything.

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Good job focusing on exactly one part of what I said lol.
Sure, maybe no fish getting dunked into acid, but the news has no qualms putting videos of people in extreme peril or dying on loop. There’s also plenty of fictional content that’s inappropriate for kids that kids see anyway because their parents aren’t paying enough attention to what they watch on tv and what they do on the internet.

“another country’s government is influencing an entire generation” sure yeah but our own government is also hard at work influencing kids here and abroad too, that’s what large imperialist counties do. I haven’t seen any kids using tiktok who are pro-china govt, they’re always calling out the app on it’s censorship of certain topics and content.

There are people who get a kick out of exposing people to messed up content and Tiktok has an exploitable algorithm. To immediately assume it’s the work of the Chinese Govt Boogeyman takes the responsibility off people like this.
I mean, I suppose wouldn’t put any government above doing something like that, but there’s no way to prove either way unless you have proof.

And again, I don’t see how banning tiktok is the answer, especially when we criticize China for banning websites/apps from their citizens.
Even if there are a lot of negative things on tiktok there is also tons of informative “things they don’t tell you in school” content.

If you really want to go down the conspiracy theory route, why wasn’t the government majorly interested in banning tiktok until people started using to document and inform about incidents of police brutality and protests? I don’t think the US govt cares that kids are seeing animal abuse and gore videos now any more than they did when it was a problem on other platforms.

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There is no conspiracy. US banning TikTok has nothing to do with protests. It’s a threat to our national security. Protests are televised on national television. It comes down to security- India has already banned it, and it will be banned in other countries too.

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IMO…i don’t think banning has anything to do with protests happening. i don’t live in US one of the us security agencies pointed out the data being sent to CCP and the need for banning it in 2019. app has already been banned in one country and other countries also looking forward to ban it for security concerns and the ability to push political agenda


“There is no conspiracy” ??? you accused the Chinese government intentionally putting snuff and porn on people’s feeds. That has nothing to do with the security issues w/ tiktok. Unless you have proof how is that not a conspiracy theory lol.

It’s getting banned in Japan now too lmao US is next! I’m just saying why TikTok is going to be banned. You can believe it won’t, but time will tell.

I don’t recall ever saying tiktok would or wouldn’t be banned.

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Alt TikTok is just fun to watch to get them so angry over little things

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Alt Are Hypocrites. They say Religion Bad but Charli is Christian probably.