Maybe the focus shouldn't be on Monetization

I’ve seen various comments about monetization and how it may work, but I don’t think V2 should be required to support artists in this way. As long as the platform can generate enough revenue to be supported that is. Also, to also support artists I’d imagine there’d be a bit too many advertisements.

I feel V2 should be a place where creative people can share and grow together, and adding monetary incentives to that takes away from it all. The competition for numbers would become toxic. That’s just my opinion anyways, so please share your opinion on this


I think the same way, buuut, after becoming popular what else is there for you? Will you drop out of school for becoming a Vver (Or what ever it would be called)
Maybe after becoming popular you’ll get sponsors on IG or make a Vve about their product… but if not? If you don’t get a sponsor?

The only thing you’d get is satisfaction and happiness from being successful (Which I rather too) but it will end one day and you’ll have nothing more than followers.


Of course I will :wink::joy:

But for real though, I definitely see your point. After you (possibly) reach a certain level of popularity, what will you do next. At some point in life, you’re going to have to worry about money. If you don’t worry about making the ‘income’ early, you’ll be stuck as a number.

Edit: As a follow up to what I just said though, I doubt that I would get famous, so monetary gain isn’t for me :joy:


And I think that should be the point of this all no? V2 doesn’t need to be a career


But you don’t need to spend every waking moment on V2, so of course you could get a job or find a way to make money on other platforms


That’s why I said that I rather have that more than the money. But I put myself in other’s shoes and I understand why they want the revenue. I think that was a reason why Vine died.


Yeah, I was think about that as you were responding and added a little edit to what I said :joy:


Yeah I think monetization shouldn’t be prioritized. I mean look at YouTube we got creators left and right making videos 10:01 long just to fill it up with junk and get monetized

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I just think the v2 team is looking at other successful platforms that have been around for a LONG time (YouTube), seeing what has/hasn’t worked for them & then developing their own thing. If content creators are going to stick to v2, money does have to be involved, because they could easily go create somewhere else to make a profit (& take their following with them).


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In my honest opinion I believe the main focus should be to entertain, make people laugh, build your following all the usual stuff that social media is primarily for. But like other people have said, some people including me want to make a living doing what they love to do, that being entertaining. Music, comedy, art, acting and such. Some people never want to have to do a day job/work regular 9-5’s again, me being included. V2 monetization could help with that, so at least you wouldn’t have to worry about income and what you’re going to eat everday, while also launching you into other opportunities that can lead you into your dream job, of course the focus isn’t ONLY on money, but the money is a +, besides if you’re being paid for doing what you love, why turn it down? It’s not so much of an incentive as it is a bonus.

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I agree!

If they find a way to monetize the platform in a positive and effective way, that’s great but I think the main concern should be quality!

It would honestly be best to roll out the app sans monetization and bring that on later should it be a possibility.

I also believe that for V2 to grow to an app WHERE all of the opportunities are possible the focus must be on quality over monetization. It is very easy to see when a person’s drive is money. Keeping a focus on money/numbers also hinders the creative process which is counterproductive. You’ll find people doubting their craft because their numbers aren’t living up to expectations.

Put the focus on just creating and having a good time, and the rest will follow. Once you start gaining traction, then you can talk about quitting your jobs, etc :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That’s a good point, but to counter we can also look at a service like instagram, which doesn’t offer money to it’s creators. Artists on V2 wouldn’t necessarily need to go through the service to get paid but could do things such as brand partnerships

Although I don’t completely agree, I see where you’re coming from. I’m mostly concerned about how money will influence creation, e.g. creating a popularity contest of sorts

I was thinking along those lines as well. Thanks for your comment!

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That’s where a system for new/upcoming creators could come in, they get a platform to build their following, while not being overshadowed by bigger creators, and who knows with this new team system they’ve introduced maybe the newer creators can team up and help each other build their followings? The popularity contest point is very valid though

You’re right but you’re wrong. IG is different, on IG YOU can post a long video and histories, a bunch of pictures and more. If you’re a IG famous you don’t get anything from Ig but companies will sponsor you faster than in any other social media. You have more tool to share their products

As a new platform trying to hold longevity, it could be important to monetize so that big creators have incentive to stay and not simply push their followers onto an already established platform.

Edit: didn’t read through all the comments, looks like @ash already covered this point, but yea.


Even if there isn’t monetization, it’s a competition for numbers. Vine wasn’t monetized and the top viners got sponsorship deals. If you wanna be a starving artist type and not get paid for anything go right ahead but it’s getting tiring seeing people making that decision for everyone else.

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