Maybe i'll get a lil serious

hi :slight_smile:

so here we go. imma get a lil personal. i’ve only been here for about 9 months, but i joined at one of the darkest points of my life. my first best friend, that being my grandfather, died a week after i found the byte discord and forums. i also joined this community right after leaving a toxic community that made me basically lose trust for the internet. after saying my first hello, i thought to myself, “i’ll either spend all my time here or never speak here again.” boy am i happy it was the first one. after losing an important person in my life, i met countless new ones within the first month.

this community felt like a warm hug and cozy home that i was able to come into after having such a tumultuous few months. my life continued to be turbulent, but i felt safe and comforted knowing that i had such amazing friends here to listen and support no matter how far away they live.

i’ve continued to get closer to so many new people, even now. as someone who arrived so late to the party, i could not be more thankful about how welcomed i was. this is why i get so protective over anyone who calls it “toxic” or unwelcoming. i can attest as a newcomer, my experience here has been different from any other corner of the internet. even the conflicts i’ve had or witnessed here still felt like i was just bickering with a family member and we would move on eventually.

the forums are where i truly got to know people without talking directly to them. i’ll admit, i stalked a lot of y’all’s profiles and old posts. i went back to the beta days and saw some of your introductions. i was honored to be in a community that trusted each other so wholeheartedly and shared their creations with each other.

i can’t say it enough, thank you for accepting me. thank you for laughing at my dumb jokes. thank you for letting me get to know y’all thus far.

@dom thank you for making all this. i hope you know how many friendships have been made and lives have been changed because of you.

to all my frens, even those i may have grown apart from since i first joined, thank you for any interactions we’ve had. anyone i’ve talked to has a lil credit for shaping my experience here and i appreciate u <3


I’m so glad you joined this community emma :slight_smile:

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