Maybe I’m too old

I’m really happy about the new categories more variety=more fun. But I have no idea what “alt byte” and “straight TikTok” means… I thought I did but I don’t want to offend anyone unintentionally. I’m not trying to upload something to the wrong category either so… yeah. That’s about it.

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New users don’t care about where you upload what tbh you’re safe :slight_smile:

alt byte = guys and gals and swingin’ kids that are the bee’s knees
straight tiktok = drips and squares that don’t know where it’s at daddio

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I don’t think it’s an age thing, my friend. I didn’t know what alt tiktok was until suddenly they were all over my feed :sweat_smile:

alt byte / tiktok is a “side” of tiktok that the lgbtq+ community and it’s allies made up and it often has funny content and a different type of aesthetic or style. it’s like early 2000s vibe and there’s bright funky colors i hope this explains it

“straight” tiktok is what people say is dance videos to rap songs (if you’ve heard of hitting the woah and stuff), celebrities, and basically just content that’s so painfully “straight”, basic, and unfunny. it’s kind of used as an insult now

hopefully this cleared it up!!

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Remember all the things everyone made fun of tiktok for? The cringy minors doing thirst traps, and the dancing, and the lip syncing? Apparently that’s streaight tiktok, the “mainstream” tiktok

In Tiktok, since everything was about curating individual feeds, people would interact with a specific type of content/subgroup if they wanted to get away from straight titkok, alt-tiktok was the name for like “the underground” content. This would be queer people, BIPOC people, Weebs, goths, all those who tend to be bullied by the mainstream.

So alt-byte is… all they know. Even though the system of byte is fundamentally different, this idea of having the app divided in “sides” is something people from titkok are using either as a naming convention, or an identifier of where they come from, or because they are trying to make sense of the app with some need for familiarity? I’m not quite sure if it will go away.