Massive FAULT with Byte’s search engine

When you search for usernames on the apps - it gives you the specific thing you’ve searched for + very very similar usernames. But not usernames part of the same category.

Example : searching memes - results in my account (memeshop) to NOT appear anywhere even tho my followers/view count is higher than absolutely every single person under the “memes” usernames, with most accounts not having a single video publish.

This MAJOR fault in the search engine does not exist in any other major social media network.
This rant is not about me in particular. Is about ALL content creators.

You want to follow your favourite celebrity? Well good luck, if you don’t know their EXACT byte username, no chance to find them.

This “exact username” feature will create a highly expensive black market economy where an specific username will cost a lot more than on any other social platform.

This feature will BADLY injure every single creator on the app in the long term. With audiences that will never be able to follow their creator unless they know their Exact username, which is not the case for any celebrity/creator.

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holy, but anyways I’m pretty sure this is something they’ll fix later down…however, this isn’t the first post suggesting this idea but they’re several similar ones here.

you gotta keep in mind they have a lot tasks or important features to add with small number of engineers in team. :slightly_smiling_face:


I did read the other posts but not one of them was as thorough as mine.

  • no one spoke out about the black market issue.
    There’s usernames already been sold for $xx,xxx due to how the search engine works at the moment.

But yeah, I can only hope they sort this out in the future. I know of accounts like @ memes that are out for sale, while someone like me could’ve have that and use it for its intended use, not for profits.

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If you know about any usernames being sold, please tell the team. You’re 100% not allowed to do that on byte.

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I do have proof and screenshot of at least 7 rare usernames being sold on marketplace forums.
Where do I contact the team about this ?

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I just emailed the 3 relevant email addresses.
Hopefully this issue gets some clarity soon by the team :slight_smile: