“Marketing” sure is getting out of hand?!

Is anyone concerned that byte is getting accused for mass marketing on Instagram meme pages even tho the byte team themselves had not paid them any sum of money nor said if they had any affiliation with them?

I’m starting to think that might be the case, alongside other meme channels on byte promoting the app all over insta that is the main reason why that byte is getting low ratings on both google play and apple App Store.


Yeah. I don’t like ads either so I understand ppls frustration😹


The Byte team is not investing in advertisement because the app isn’t ready to be shown to the mass public yet. So, these accounts are just spamming promotions of Byte to accounts in an annoying fashion, and their aggressive and unwanted self promotion is being taken by others as paid spam.

Because Byte isn’t actually paying them, the best thing they could do would be to get reports of these accounts’ names and write them to stop. But that takes a lot of time and resources from the team that seems superfluous in light of the bigger issues facing Byte as a whole.

Basically, these shitty meme accounts are giving Byte bad press, and it sucks.


Agreed. I like that people are expressing their love for the app but the spamming really is giving bad PR now


Fake news.

Byte DOES PAY THEM. Not directly however.

Byte is paying 1$ per download through the PlugCoin app. It’s a affiliate marketing platform where influencers and pages with big followings (such as the memes pages) can sign up to.

Byte is one of the offers available to promote by influencers with a PlugCoin account.

This is a very good and efficient way of advertising and should keep on going as it’s non-incentive advertisement which is rare to be seen for app downloads.

With the 2nd big byte user influx , Byte was paying 2$ per downloads to all Plug Coin influencers.
Now it’s back down to 1$.


Oop- gurl I did not expect that :skull:


I would just like to leave it here

  1. Calling my post fake news to make your counterpoint seem more valid puts you in a negative light as someone who is constantly ready to attack others, and is not constructive to the conversation.

  2. I was unaware this app existed or that Byte had a legitimate campaign with them. This would explain the increase in meme and other micro influencers advertising it to make an extra buck despite being hella spammy

  3. This type of advertisement is incentive driven for the influencer, because the influencers are incentivized to post as much as possible to get people to use their affiliate links to download.

All that said, this is a terrible way to advertise since absolutely no quality control is in place to ensure low quality accounts don’t get the opportunity to advertise. Instead, they should be doing this with hand selected micro-influencers, or be putting the money into the app itself.



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It isn’t incentive.
Incentive when it comes to app downloads means the user has to download a specific app to unlock a specific content.

E.g : Download Byte to get access to my onlyfans for free !

That’s incentive.

Promoting the app by simply posting about it , isn’t incentive.

Incentive comes down to wether the user gets something in return for downloading the app.
It isn’t about it the creator gets paid or not.

You might be out of the loop with affiliate marketing and that’s okay ! Only people chasing a career in the field are usually aware of this.

A Incentive App Download network : OgAds


The byte campaign is a non-incentive campaign.

I hope this clears it off for you :slight_smile:

IT IS common practice for ALL APPS to advertise this way , and it’s a highly beneficial source of advertising as it gets plenty of new user downloads , which is the goal.

TikTok, Sam’s Club, all Zynga Games and many A-list app work with networks like PlugCoin or OgAds to attract new app downloads.

But if you’re getting low quality downloads from lots of angry people who ultimately don’t enjoy the platform, I’d argue that it’s not necessarily right.
Especially in the early days of an application, you want retention more than you want expansion. Obviously, yes, you want to be pulling people in, but if you’re losing 70% of those you pull in and they’ve all got similar feedback, you can result in alienating an aspect of your market for life.
Byte is certainly a place to post memes, but looking at other apps, it doesn’t stand out for that content in the same way it would for, say, art or singing videos.
Especially if those who join are looking for new memes, only to find that essentially all the ones posted on this app are. Well. Just reposts, and not new takes on them.


:flushed: Oh wow

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Again , that’s how business is run.

I can’t stress this enough, this is business.

Byte is a business that needs downloads , good or bad , to attract further investors willing to invest into the app.

ALL apps get bad reviews , this isn’t just byte.

If byte ever becomes mainstream, the reviews will balance out.
However it will never become mainstream unless it’s being downloaded.

Hey, here’s the thing.
I do, indeed, understand how business, particularly “app startups” function. You saying “this is how it works” to somebody who’s fully aware and has already agreed to aspects of what you’ve said makes you come across as a little condescending.
I absolutely agree that using low quality, “influencer” methods to attempt to draw people in is a valid marketing choice. On a strictly unpaid method, that’s essentially what the community based hashtag pushes on Twitter where.

It will never get to a point where I can become mainstream if it gets heavily downloaded by a specific sub community it’s not specifically geared to (that’s not a slight, I’d say the same if some big cottage core account was encouraging and the same thing was happening) who end up tanking its reviews to a point very few people are willing to check it out. In early days, you try and keep your reviews at at least 3 stars- that’s generally high enough to make people curious enough to read.

Byte’s window of interest is narrowing in terms of appeal as more “similar” apps flood the market.


we started running a small experiment during this recent wave. just to see if it would have any impact so we’d know what sort of options we have for the future

we don’t directly control the creative content of the posts but gave some background on the recent influx of people from tiktok and our general outlook on creativity + expression. even so, a decent percentage of people who saw that campaign ended up downloading AND using the app which is pretty interesting and is worth consideration

people hate ads (myself included) so some response isn’t unexpected, but I have to say I’m surprised by the spam comments because honestly the experiment is tiny. it’s not reaching very many people at all. we’ll take a look at it though. thank you for the heads up


i like experiments


Even though the experiment may have been small, I personally see about 10-20 of those ads per DAY. Big instagram accounts are putting the same type of “omggg alt tiktok is moving to bytteeeee link in bio babezz” styled fake tweets at the tail end of every. Single. One. Of their meme post bundles.

It’s so invasive that I’ve seen other non-affiliated meme pages making fun of it. I can take screenshots and post em if you’d like, but its very, very invasive the way they’re advertising their own links.

Plus the way they have a shadowed “Ad” in the bottom right corner… Spammy looking IMO, idk

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Actually one popped up as I was going through my feed just now lol


I’ve also yet to see a photo with a byte ad that didn’t have comments disabled either… so that should also say something


yes please share examples