Marketing for Byte and Byte Advertisement. Recommendation

the explore page is incredible and it has a good design, but I also think that I do not like that every channel has gifs as the channel design. I think it would be better if it had a good design with a photo created by computer in the background or just a color on the background like byte when it started.


As an Example. I also Think that the first Byte explore page it was nicer than the new one.

I think that the App designs are :key:
to bring more people into the app, It’s the best way of marketing. If people look down and see that this app is cool, Then they will want to look at the content that the app has as they are going to look at the content. Unfortunately I have seen that this app has more than 14 million users, thanks to the video that appears at the beginning. on the other hand I say unfortunately thanks to the fact that I have seen that Tik Tok has 100 times more than we have. ( they have billions of users ) and we are not going to talk about Instagram :eyes:.

We have to accept that the algorithm that byte has is not good at the moment, I have only seen that there are videos that have reached 10K to 50k or less ( Likes), more than just the video that appears at the beginning that has 156K of likes. What worries me is that I have not seen any video with at least 500K likes yet. (This tells us that the app does not have a good number of users yet). let’s be honest.

Hear me: Marketing will be the :key: for new byte users.

On the other hand At some point Byte should Pay for Advertisement on Instagram and You Tube. So many people don’t know about this app yet and that’s True.
Byte also should work on making an Instagram page where it also promotes byte and also a place where they show the best content of byte, as Tik Tok does on its IG page. That would be my recommendation, and it’s :key: in marketing, in my personal opinion.


it’s easy to get users to download the app — but the issue is having newcomers stick around longer. I think they tried experimenting with the whole ads for insta… (a lot of complaints). at this point, the only thing they can lean on is another mini influx and possibly organic reach/growth.

i’ll echo this; that ads don’t help if you’re service/product isn’t polished, imo.

byte does have an insta page, they should utilize reels to promote spotlighted bytes :stuck_out_tongue:


The new one is better :heart:


Byte also should work on it’s Instagram page where it also promotes byte and also a place where they show the best content of byte, as Tik Tok does on its IG page. That would be my recommendation, and it’s key: in marketing, in my personal opinion. - they have to put content on its IG page - just to bring more people into the app. They should use their You Tube page also, to inspírate people to use Byte, and also put compilations.

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I would recommend also that byte should use their instagram account, Starting with the video that they used before on Instagram, they should put it again and also they should also use the video from the AppStore on Instagram and They should include a promotion To that AppStore video.

And this one that it’s the App Store vid:

Those videos are :fire::fire::fire::fire: and more people need to see them, that would bring more people as more people are going to be motivated to download and see what the app has to offer. :ok_hand:

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If you’re on the new update those are seconds :joy:

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Byte needs to hire a social media manager to regularly curate & showcase the best byte videos on the various sm platforms. Twitter was a major contributor to Vine back in the day and I think (one of the platforms) will play a major role with Byte. I’d love to help out if the opportunity ever arises!

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I also think it’d be a good idea to test getting original bytes posted on large comedy (or any niche) Instagram & TikTok pages. This might yield a better return than the meme/spammy style IG ads previously tested. Although I’m not sure if this is something you’ve tested in the past :man_shrugging: :raised_hands:

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Byte needs amazing content that people share or goes viral. Organic word of mouth growth is what makes apps grow, and then you have to have a unique product that fills a void for there to be retention. Byte has been in the top 2 or 3 downloads a few times, but people aren’t sticking around for a variety of reasons. So it doesn’t need marketing, it needs viral shareable unique content.


I agree with you, but I also think that Instagram could also be a great app to promote Byte, as they could make content where they can hype up people to use the app.

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They should make Exclusive content in each social media platform, as they could put images and videos that inspire people to use this app, they should also add the best bytes on the reels part of IG. That would be my recommendation for Byte. :love_you_gesture::sunglasses:

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So true.
It would me amazing at some point to bring famous people form other spaces as we can talk about famous Ex Viners that changed what Social Media is today. Byte also should bring more features that can make Niches for every creators. On the other hand I think that Byte has Unique Content, but You have a point we need more Unique Content.