Many topics like this I know, but one thing:

The news is disappointing, yes.
But aside from time, we haven’t invested anything.
It’s true, reading into Dom’s post, it seems as though an “indefinite amount of time” is another way of saying they’ve given up on the project. But we can’t allow Dom and the staff to think we’re complying with that. No matter how long this hiatus is, we can’t make it seem like we’ve given up and forgotten about the app.
I, myself will be visiting the forums likely every 3-4 days, rather than every day like I had done previously.
But I’ll continue to wait on Dom and the staff to succeed.


You have to know, they’re postponing it. They’re not giving up or cancelling. They just need money right now. And a gofundme would be great! Cause for an app like this, it cost around $32k - $36k. It’s a lot of money!


An “indefinite amount of time” has no promised date or time range attached. It could be 1 year or 25 years and we would never know until they decide to change that status. What I’m saying is that we cannot forget about this project, or make it seem like we are just fine with such a status.

Also, the money needed is much higher than $36k if you consider legal funds and the such.

It all depends on when they get the money they need for the app! And I agree with you. We need to keep having hope! I’m gonna head out now, have a good night!


Yep you too

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