Manga idea

so me and a friend wanna make a manga

but we don’t have any ideas

pls come up with such ideas so I can credit you somewhere idk



Combine Naruto & Dragon Ball & One Piece. Three of the most epic manga in history!


A ninja with superpowers picks up a notebook of death which can kill anyone by writing down their name and picturing their face but only once they get into the prestigious hero high school guild where they learn the power of friendship and save the world by overpowering the bad guy. also I wanna make a manga too someday lol so :eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes::eyes:

defo share once you guys are done!


A dinosaur named Phil tries to overthrow the Jewish mafia


Here’s a good idea for a manga it might not be good but I gave it a best shot for an idea: a international transfer student from India who is willing to break into the animation industry.
Also I wanna make anime artwork, make manga and my own anime shows one day.

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I have an anime movie idea if anyone’s interested in collaborating

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I can be interested in collaborating tbh

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i’m thinking of death note but instead it’s someone middle aged who divorved guy who struggles with alcholism. a twist on the original story