Making multiple accounts?

firstly, is it good or bad? secondly, can people make multiple accounts such as “world star” and monetize all content on there and their personal account or is there going to be a process in which money is going to be sent to one account only (assuming we can make money)???

I’m not sure what you mean by sabotaging, can you clarify?

Just a thought, but I’d personally say don’t try to ‘sabotage’ any accounts. Along with that, wouldn’t you rather feel food knowing that you did it yourself and didn’t rely on an already popular thing to get you there?


I think one account is enough. You can have one account but multiple themes

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to decrease the amount of duplicate posts, please check out these topics about similar things and feel free post your opinions/ideas there! :grin:

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i dont mean sabotage as a bad concept, i mean making money of various accounts, getting double money cause you have 2 accounts, its just an idea because i was watching a video on youtube the otherday and someone said “wow worldstar must be making alot of money”

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i read these but didnt quite come across my answer. however, i agree with the concept of easy access between various accounts as it is good for initial user ability