Making it big on Byte

I wanting to make it big on byte so I can make funny content I create like anime, memes, comedy and music.




This is such a good question, because I think a lot of people just want to be “famous” without really thinking of why. Without really thinking of the WORK that comes after to mantain that fame, or to make something of it. Some people think fame=easy money… that is so far from the truth.

To me it’s less about fame (that’s more of an undesired part of it) and more about audience. Every dedicated creator makes content that can connect with people and make them feel something. I have so many projects that I love and work hard on (Music! Writing! Drawing!) The only issue is always finding the right kind of people.

I want to make it “big” in the sense of finding the people who would enjoy and get feelings from what I do. I want to find those who’d feel about me the same way I feel about the creators I love. Thanks to art and online culture I met my partner, my friends, had my mind opened, learned about things, discovered new hobbies, had unforgettable experiences. I want to give that to other people.

EDIT: OMG I had written several sentences with horrible grammar. I think it’s fixed now. I swear I know how to write in english guys.


This is literally sooo true! I love so much when someone leaves me a comment I read everyone of them I love interacting with the audience or even people that just stayed long enough to say hi! Yeah fame and money would be cool but meeting new people is even cooler!!


This was beautifully said @LittleDewDroplets :sob::ok_hand:


I was late to Vine, and I was amazed by all the creative content that was going on. It was like showing up to this beautiful, epic party.

My Dad passed away on New Year’s Eve a couple years ago. I was a total wreck. He and I had a terrible relationship for most of my life, and he died from a very aggressive form of cancer right as we were reconciling. I remember just feeling…numb, to everything.

That’s when I discovered Vine. On the nights that we’re the hardest, when I couldn’t sleep for hours, I would scroll through Vine until I was able to laugh. Once I laughed, I could sleep. None of the creators knew how much they were helping me heal.

That’s why I’m so excited for Byte. I don’t really want to make it “big.” I just want to connect with people and make them laugh. If I can reach people where they are and help lighten up their day just a little bit? That’s success to me.


It seems like nowadays, everyone wants to make it big. Be the next big “influencer”. With Byte being a brand new application and social media platform, there is a big chance for those that are new to social medias to be able to find their home. Whether you have been long awaiting the release of Byte, or are an old “Viner” coming back because you didn’t want to join the TikTok trend, it still gives those a chance for everyone to make it. Even though Byte has the same feeling as Vine and many refer to it as “■■■■■■”, it’s very much in the sense that it’s its own separate entity. Although the founder of Byte was a co-founder of Vine, I think that he designed it to be a brand new thing.

That being said, I haven’t really answered the question at hand. With making it big on a social media platform, you can begin to have a true sense of what it means to have an influence. Whether you choose to continue doing what you love and integrate yourself with the community as a whole is your choice. If I was to ever make it big on Byte, I’d want to use it to be able to help charities in need and make a difference. I want to be able to make new friends with people who like doing other things as well as those that enjoy doing the same things that I like.

Make sure that you do what you want to on Byte. Don’t compare yourself to others just because someone is gaining more likes than you. It’s a horrible way to live your life. Live it by the fullest and count it by the seconds that go bye. Not the number of likes/followers you have.