Making DM's Interesting

I’ve not seen a super large amount of talk about Direct Messaging on Byte but from the few searches for posts I’ve done, I know they will be coming. So this won’t be a post about how DM’s should be, instead it’s a simple idea I believe adding to DM’s would make quite fun

First off, I don’t know if there’s any announcement out there about when DM’s would roll out in the first place. I’m in no rush for them to come out and that’s not the point of this post.
But enough of that, onto my idea.

My idea is simple. Make collaborative bytes an option through DM’s

Basically you would start the creation of a byte like normally through the app but instead it would be in a DM to a different friend of yours or even maybe just an acquaintance you’re wanting to collab with.
After you record a little bit. They add a part to that byte by recording from their end.

This would help people create collab bytes who don’t easily have access or know-how for creating collabs outside the app.

Once the byte is created, have both parties approve of the byte.
If there was no system of approval and the byte could be posted outright, it could very well lead to toxic videos being created. And here’s what I mean by that

Imagine you are in a DM making a byte with someone.
You make a script for the byte and start going back and forth recording your parts.
The person you’re working with flips the script and says something completely different than planned. Something that makes you look bad or something disrespectful.
Without the addition of an approval system for the byte you collaboratively created, they could easily post that byte and it not be something you want.

I think this would be something that honestly would be very fun and also set apart the DM’s of Byte in a sort of way. I do realize there are similar functions across different apps. Like how on Instagram you can go live with someone else. But if this is done right I think it could go over really well.

Anyway, just to be clear, I realize DM’s aren’t top priority. That’s fine by me but I still think this would be a really cool idea.

Any and all responses welcome. Do you think it’s a good or bad idea. Ideas for how it could be improved upon. Just let me know what y’all think.


I think this is an awesome idea! Especially if you want to collab with someone out of state and dont have the means to travel.


Allowing private messaging is crucial to user privacy and trust.


Okay, they’re definitely going to add DM’s but that’s not what this post was about. My idea was an add-on for DM’s in the future, what do you think of that idea though?


I like this collaborative approach. I’m not entirely keen on dms, knowing how they’ve been abused on similar platforms, but as with everything else the byte team are aware of that and know better than for that to happen here. I like the opportunities this sounds like it would open up, and if they can find a way for it to work, it would make collaborating on projects much easier than it is now


I love the idea of collaborative dms, but I also see where @cark is coming from. DM’s will eventually start becoming abused, but maybe pull a tiktok move for the dms. only friends/mutual followers may dm each other? I feel as though this would be pretty good, but you should also have the option to turn that off. anyways, i love the collaborative dms idea and if it ever comes, I will be using it A LOT!


I think mutual following for dms should be default, and need to be turned off for non mutuals to follow you. If it’s done the other way round then it would be way easier for issues to arise


Something like this would be great


I’d assume the best course of action would be to always have a preview to each DM and decide whether or not you want to accept it from the preview or just mark it as spam.

But past that I really wasn’t interested in how to make DMs do well, I just wanted to talk about the collaboration idea for DMs


Yea like a notification for a collaboration request and itll be the portion of the clip the creator sent. And choosing whether or not to accept the colab

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Yeah I would think that would be default. Same with how I was saying there would have to be a way for both parties to agree that the byte is finished so to speak for safety reasons.
I’d see the message being something like as follows.

“ZackNoProb would like to create a byte with you!”
Then have 2 buttons
“No, Thanks” & “Let’s do it!”
Or alternatively a better way might just be to have a green button with a white check mark and a red button with a white x.

My idea would be that when it’s declined it just shows up in the DM chat as a message and you can go back at any time and change your mind and accept it.
Or when it’s accepted it would just bring you to the byte camera to continue the byte.

Another thing that could be done is making it so you can’t send a byte collab to someone you’ve not connected with previously. Kinda like a “you are not contacts with this person” sort of thing. That would definitely help fight against spam. Not only are people not going to want spam messages, they’re not gonna want spam videos too.

Well anyway that’s just a couple tag on ideas.

Hey! Not familiar with how “DMs are abused”, could you elaborate? Sounds interesting

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