Makes me queazy

Something I should’ve said a long time ago… but the thread about underrated byters makes me queazy. I know why and I don’t like it but I can’t help how I feel. Someone made a post in response to it so I know I can’t be alone on this, but yeah, it makes me queazy. That’s it that’s the post. Have a good one!


Sorry. I made the topic with good intentions. I don’t think shouting out people who you think deserve more credit is itself bad. I do see how it can make people feel left out. I don’t like seeing when people tag themselves. I thought about taking it down but the amount of positivity coming from it is too much to feel good about stopping it.


Why are you queasy because people are giving someone else their shine?

Shouting people out who you appreciate is definitely not a bad thing and I’m glad that’s not what you took from my post. It’s great seeing a lot of new people being found and appreciated encouraging them to make more content. Just glad that you understand the other side of things too, I’m not mad at you at all for your post and you did not have to apologize.