Make your SPOOKY PREDICTIONS what will BYTE become?

It’s your chance to make predictions! it could be what will happen within the first year? will it go off? will there be meet and greets? will there be people who become “byte famous”, how long will the app last for? what do you psychics think :joy: what date is it going to come out? What type of people/categories will be popular? What does your gut feeling say! let us no :upside_down_face:

Let’s see if anyone can get an accurate prediction!!! only time will tell!

What do you guys think? will it change the Social media game? ! :grinning::sunglasses::thinking:


People will get hyped when they know that a new v*ne has risen therefore the app will have a blast. So yea, we will have byte famous people.

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Withing the first year the app will explode that is for sure. A lot of people will hear about the app.

I hope there will be meet and greets that will be absolutely amazing !!!

Most definitely there will be a lot of people who will get a lot of recognition from Byte and on Byte.

I think the app will last longer than vine, I hope it lasts forever… the date of launch I am completely unaware of I don’t even want to think about it to be honest… as it makes me impatient. People who will be silly have fun comedy ideas will most likely be popular.

Let’s hope for the best !



The Vine famous generation will throw HELLA SHADE at the Byte famous generation.
They’ll see us as competition and not as friends. They’ll even feel like our success undermines their success.

The Youtube famous generation will throw shade at BOTH of us. Saying that we’re both cancer.
And prays that TikTok will overshadow us but TikTok will fail massively. They’ll also make hateful “exposed” videos about Byte’s top creators to discredit the app.

And once the hate wave is over and everybody gets the evil and jealousy out their systems.
Famous youtubers and Viners will make Byte accounts and start uploading.

The internet is volatile. But it can be sooooooooooo predictable. :roll_eyes::rofl:


Hopefully, there will be meet and greets maybe within the first 2 years, were the same not sure about release date maybe 20th of march? I think you’re defiantly on track with the “HYPE” its going to get I know its so frustrating when you don’t know when the apps coming out :joy: and comedy videos for sure :+1: let’s see if it comes true or not.

OMG!!! this is so good, some of the things you said totally make sense, I think it will ruffle some feathers especially because of TikTok because eventually Tik Tok simply wants be as popular. Throwing shade? very interesting :thinking::joy:

And your right the internet can be very predictable, only time will tell.


YEP totally agree there will definitely be famous people from this app, social media is the new way people express themselves… This is awesome thanks for commenting :star_struck:

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The most true thing anyone has ever said.


The greatest app ever !!!

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