Make Up A Fake Element

This is totally not to help with my story.

I thought of a name of an element called Fraztranium, which is a mineral thats as strong as diamond that can be turned into a liquid. This can work as a sort of adhesive for certain metals, so if it was running through like a wire or a metal pipe and that was feeding to metals, it would make it stronger and more powerful.

Does that sound good btw because i need to know

TOTALLY not for my story.

Totes not.

Def not.


I actually thought of another one while making this called Bytisanium which is the same thing, but also a wink towards byte since this is where i also posted my first script and story ideas.



  • element

  • is as hard as obsidian in minecraft

  • not rare but really expensive

  • kind of rose gold

  • it produces gamma rays until taken by a professional to deal with it

  • lil pump has about 6 chains made out of it


Woroneschatdii - 228 atomic number
Wn as abbreviation
Element changes its colour by its saturation (not sure how do you call this)
If it’s a clear woroneschatdii crystal it will be metal-like one, a bit purple ish when you would look at it at a specific angle, with smooth n rounded edges and holographic shine + crystalline structure
As concentration of the elements goes down it will change it’s colour to dead-white, holographic shine will disappear + polycristalline structure
It’s called Woroneschatdii because its named by the place where scientists found this thing first, Woronesch city.
It would be completely useless, but if you would mix it with silver or white gold it will add wonderful shine and colour to it


Sounds pretty cool to me!

  1. Decargentum - just like silver but 10x as sensitive to oxidation, and 10x as sensitive to light when made into a salt.

  2. Azurem - a heavy, malleable metal similar to gold, that does not oxidise, and has a hypnotic blue colour.


iumiumium, just a cool name, nothing special


Cicilium - only forms out of ancient spider webs circa 10000+ years old

it is very good at melting away adhesives, but is solid so you kinda need scratch the thing away in order to get rid of it. it makes human skin very rough. Uhhh it smells like the Himalayas too, and If you gather one hundred Cicilium remnants, you summon a portal to the upper world. :earth_americas:

Also has free shipping on all purchases :ship:



  • where y’all give me too much gas

Honestly the spider web thing sounds very interesting


Are you like an ace in chemistry or something because this is really detailed and good

I want 10

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Honestly these are really cool too :slight_smile:

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I like to think its pronounced “ i um i um i um”


Thats fantastic right there


I did normal Russian chemistry for 2 yrs + I know a really cool YouTube channel about chemistry (omg lol, I actually don’t understand his accent, I used to watch his russian channel tho)
And I guess that I was a bit passionate about it
Since like I know names of almost all elements in three languages (including Latin)

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Where can I buy it


Right here!: Q

Just copy and paste into your searchbar, and remove the space between the c and the Q!


Name: Chaosium
Element symbol: Cx
Atomic number: 215
Atomic mass: 267.00

Description: Its physical appearance in its purest form is a lightweight, malleable, shiny, metallic rock that glows red, blue, or green depending on the surrounding concentration of nearby elements in the air. It can be found deep near the Earth’s core and within some meteors in space. However in its purest form, this element is also rendered extremely dangerous, as it is very radioactive, has extremely violent reactions with human contact (as to how this was discovered is highly classified).

Note: Chaosium appears unstable, as it appears to practically “glitch” and “fizzle” in and out of existence at random intervals and emits a dark “pixel-like” particle around it. The element itself is rumoured to be cappable of being an infinite energy source, however further study is required to officially prove this claim.