Make #ThrowbackThursday/Bytes a featured hashtag for older content

So, I came across this thread the other day :nerd_face:
( [Encouraging more Creator Activity on Byte]

So the idea is of course once the app gets more popular and people are using it more often, more content will be coming in thus keeping people engaged.

Now, sometimes, older videos get lost in the sauce or don’t get that many views, whatever the case may be. Take the hashtag #ThrowbackThursday (TBT) - #ThrowbackBytes (TBB) and you can have it where users can’t post in the hashtag, however, the algorithm will automatically list videos from a certain time date and show them. Not based on views but when it was posted and it’s updated every time.

This is getting people’s videos who may not get seen, seen. It can be a featured thing/channel so people can see beside the “your mix” at the top.


Start the hashtag throwback Thursday trend by reposting older content in the camera roll and using the hashtag

I agree with this for something to worry about much later in the future as I still see posts pop up from all the way back in January. You could try to start the trend yourself (I’ll support) as long as Byte doesn’t have rules against it. But it would be cool to have creators to feature a past post without having to repost and any additional engagement would be added to original post