Make it easier to respond to comments

It’s idea boy here to spit an idea.

I just wish that I could respond to all comments more fluidly. Kind of like how YouTube has their comment section tab. Where I can just scroll through and reply to comments without having to click on each video. Also being able to flip between comments I haven’t and have responded to would-be sick. I enjoy responding to comments but it’s just a bit of a hassle because I’m lazy.



Love it!

I can relate, definitely bumping this thread!! :smirk:

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I very much dislike how the comments are not parent-sibling style since we’re talking about the comment section. I don’t want to see the creator’s forty comments responding to other comments when I open up the section. They should be contained in each comment, IMO.


Every comments has to deal with users who can follow new users in the latest button.

latest probably isn’t coming back. it was a cause of like spam

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latest is still there, you can sort your notifications by comments, likes & ect. I’d also like to be able to message people who followed and be like “hey thanks for following” would be tight

yeah for sure

Yeah I know what you mean! Maybe dom could add this along with the other features they plan on making for a dash board I think.

However, RickyAnimoji will continue to like all Byte users despite being in a new update.

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