Make it easier to follow creators

Yes, I have wanted to have this.

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Update on the anecdote. I’m up 110k loops now, but I’m still under 500 followers :thinking:. Would this change have made a difference, having been on spotlight twice?


I’d say so. If I watch a Video and enjoy it, I’d follow hoping to see more content like that. But if I have to press the dots first to get to the profile and then follow, I’d have a second thought and not follow or I’d just be too lazy to do it…


Can we have this on the next update, what @dom thought?


I was just thinking about this!

I also really appreciate the fact you always take the time to suggest problem fixes rather then simply telling people about an issue.


like this idea, following specific categories of a user (but not sure how the followers count would work; a dashboard with statistics probably could show a user has more audience in which categories).

when i like a loop, i have a habit of visiting a profile and looking through several loops before i follow. so i’m fine with what we have now. however, i do agree with having a follow button somewhere more easily to follow.

how about a follow button at the top of the comment section? next to the numbers of loop or the share button maybe?

  • there’s blank space there.
  • just a couple of clicks away.
  • might help avoid those who just do f4f thingy to be able to follow too fast.
  • avoid accidentally tap profile pic and then follow, while we don’t mean to (like i just want to view the profile) - re the + next to the profile pic.



Hey @dom just hoping to bump you with this thread. Especially now with the new discovery mechanisms such as My Mix in place, I feel that this is quite important. Could we perhaps get your thoughts on this?

A typical user journey would be to be on My Mix/Popular/where ever and endlessly scroll for content whilst liking loops on the way. Most would not go out of their way to click into the profile, though this is a gut feeling and more thinking about theoretical breaks in the user journey and definitely not supported by any data points.

If there was just a + button edging on the profile pic or with the other buttons, I really think it would boost conversion rates.

However, I can understand if this was by design, especially with the My Mix page - if someone repeatedly likes a creator’s video, they’re more likely to make the effort to go to the profile page to check out more, therefore building a “stronger” fanbase.

TL;DR keen to get your thoughts.


if people like your bytes you’ll show up in their mix more often. we call that your audience and we’ll add a metric for you to track from your stats screen soon

we’ll probably make it easier to follow as well, but from what we’ve seen following is kind of a “pro” feature. a surprisingly huge number of people using the older version of the app didn’t even know you’re supposed to follow people and were wondering why they never saw content :scream:

so even with an inline button (which we’re looking into) it’s still a heavy thing to ask people to do. the audience thing is kind of a more natural way of doing what would happen already


Dom thanks for the response. These are some really interesting design philosophies and I’m really excited to see how they will ultimately take form and affect us!


I’m bringing this back again. Would really appreciate a “+” next to someone’s profile picture.


I absolutely love this idea.


Jumping in to help resurrect this thread, hopefully this feature gets added shortly!


Yes yes yes and yes!!!


Beta update gang we got the + next to the profile pics on videos! LET’S GOOOOOOOOO


I saw the news. I’m here for it :ok_hand:


I am SO DAMN HAPPY this was added, thank you @dom!! Can’t wait for this to go public.


Wha… where is the +? I am on the latest beta, but don’t see anything next to the profile pic?

I saw in another forum that android got one of the updates first. Maybe that’s it? I just updated and it is here!!

Check your mix

There is a great need for this function, since the application was launched i have been posting almost every day and we have barely gathered 100 followers. Sometimes it is discouraging because I put a lot of effort, hoping that at some point I will be noticed.