Make it easier to follow creators

I’d like to see an easy way added to follow creators right from the video rather than having to tap into the profile page to follow. This feature is on TikTok and makes it really easy to follow someone just from looking at their video. I think that would increase the chances that someone will follow you after liking your video. A video of mine from yesterday got a lot of likes (1.2k), but I only gained about 35 followers. Now, this could be because they looked at my other content and hated it, but, I think if it was easier to follow someone from their video, follows might increase. Other creators on Byte that I’ve chatted with have noted a similar thing with low follow ratio compared to likes on their videos.


Wow hadn’t really thought of it…but it makes so much sense how easy it really does make me follow a person.

The only downside to this is that I may not find their other content as good


Congrats, you deserved it, more of your content will get more :rocket::rocket::rocket:. Also yeah I average around 10 - 15 followers when trends


This would actually increase followers exponentially


You can still click into their timeline if you want to be sure you actually want to follow that person, but, a lot of people would follow by impulse based on one video alone, and there’s nothing wrong with that, they can always unfollow later if they realize they don’t like you’re other content. But not many people want to do research while perusing videos, they want to just keep going without leaving the feed. So this would give them a way to say “this video is funny, I think I’ll follow” and then keep going without having to think about it too much.


Thank you! I think making it easier to follow would change the low follow-to-like ratio.


Yea, I think it would be a big help. A lot of times people who are liking a lot of my videos think they are actually following me but they aren’t, and it’s not easily apparent until you tap into the profile page, which most people don’t bother doing.


+1 to this! It’s such a process of going to their page and back out. I’ve gotten used to it / quick with it, but still lol

byte: GrahamOfLegend


I do see this as a problem for other people, just one of these would do


Byte does need this feature; it would likely increase the like:follow ratio from about 5% to 15-20%


Oh Tom :heart: Back at it again! Love the idea and I think it would actually benefit creators in the long run! I don’t think anyone could hate your videos btw :relieved::fire: great suggestion and I hope it can get picked up!
My numbers are even smaller than that! I avg around 8-10 on an every other day basis, I think :sweat_smile: I’m not good with numbers but I have noticed that on a post that does good (my spotlight moment for instance) I’ll gain more likes and loops but I don’t get the follows! This could be like you said, either they don’t like the rest of the content they see, or they are scrolling through a category and just like, but don’t bother to go to the profile just to hit follow. I hope it’s the second option and not the first in my case but who rlly knows :joy:


love the example, maybe the button could be a hollow version of the byte logo, and when you a follow someone the logo will be filled in with the colors


This is another way it might be implemented that would be less intrusive.


If you’re not following someone, you see a little plus sign and a circle around their tiny profile pic, and if you tap the pic you follow them. If you tap their name, it takes you into their profile. I think this is actually how it also works on TIkTok. When the circle frame and plus sign are missing, then you know you’re following them without having to check their profile, like it displays now…



This would be such a great feature! Like @rommie said, I noticed a lot of likes when I got into spotlight but not as many follows as I’d have expected.
I tried going to the profiles of the people who liked my spotlight video and liked some of their videos to actually test that theory, and I got a few follows from doing that. So I bet having an easy way to see if you’re following them / to follow would be beneficial.

I’ve also recently noticed I’m not following some of my favorite creators, but I didn’t know that until I went to their profile.


I almost actually think this is too subtle. Maybe just a follow button right above the like (heart). Small so it’s not invasive. Or possibly above or below our user name/picture.


You can’t really put anything above the heart because the video caption needs that space. It would be easy to make the plus sign a bit bigger like this…



Haha you’re very right! That’s why I had to edit and say above/below our user name! :joy: i’m not worried! They’ll find that happy medium. I’m a big believer in the team! :smile:


Could you put something under the share arrow? :thinking:


i like @cark idea of the follow button , so people are aware what the button is , unlike the circle option around your profile picture , we all know some people are not gonna realize this is a follow feature , still a great idea and great recommendation tom for sure needs to be added !


I completely agree with this and I really really really think this could help with conversion, which is one of my struggles right now, as most of you would know from my constant crusade on conversion.