Make Byte Trend This Week

Because of all that’s going on with Tik Tok, Byte keeps coming up on social media, especially Twitter, some slanderous, but it doesn’t have to be that way!

Let’s flood Twitter with positivity about Byte this week! We can add some momentum to the conversation and possible get it trending with enough concerted effort!

Post your Bytes
Comment on TikTok posts with the alternative
Post about your experience
Like each other’s Byte tweets
Post favorite Bytes from other byters
And make sure to use #byte,#byteapp,#tiktok

While the Byte team is figuring out their next move, we can be using this opportunity ourselves!



Ask not what app can do for you, ask what you can do for app


Beautifully spoken. Haha!

Let’s do it) what hashtag shall we use??? I love talking about the friend from byte that I’ve made. I went as far as making a whole thread a month ago. I used #friendsfrombyte on twitter :slight_smile:


Lets get it man :100:

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at first, i thought that this thread was going to be about let’s get “byte” trending in the app store. however, it’s currently sitting @ rank #160 in social networking which is expected to rise! (maybe?)

love the idea and for this!

with the goal for this to drift on twitter, there are numerous ways we can approach this; have stan and meme pages join in on the movement, the timing, and/or @/everyone in byte discord chats or any group chat related to byte topics. (summon party). more the better :upside_down_face:

#Hype4Byte #HypeforByte


Agreed ^^^^^^^


We should use this thread as a way to formulate the plan! We can set a time and day as well as which hashtags we will all be using in each tweet!


GREAT Ideas!! And love the tag #hype4byte too!

Would you lead the charge @Pac and @rommie cause you both are such awesome organizers?


I’d be down to help out :innocent:

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I made a TikTok post awhile back talking about byte and explaining what its about. It got a few people joining byte but not as much as I wanted :unamused: