Major complaint about the "for your consideration" feature, reccomended a no follower shock account and a gore video

(I wasn’t sure whether to put this in feedback or bugs, but i dunno this isn’t the same as my “can we get category sorting/hiding” suggestion, plus i would call this an “issue” with the algorithm, so)

K, so I know the algorithm is still being developed, but considering what i just saw i really fucking wish we could just turn the non-optional reccomended bytes from the “for your consideration” section off completely until its better.

Short version is (but warning for slightly graphic description), the latest byte to be reccomended to me was a video of something, i honestly cant tell whether it was a person or an animal, being hit by a train and the window of the train being covered in blood. I reported it+their account+a few other videos (people being hit by cars at a drag race, the typical “ha ha slurs are funny huh” edgy bullshit, puke videos, etc. The train one was obviously the worst of the lot so luckily I didn’t see anything worse than that, but I really didn’t want this shit ending up on anyone elses feeds so i was hoping reporting some of it would help.)

So, heres my biggest complaints about the fact that the algorithm showed me literal gore, besides the obvious complaint of “i dont want to see gore”

  1. None of the vids on the account had like, any likes/views/comments and the vid i was reccomended had zero of anything, so i am pretty dang certain that this account has like zero followers.

While I understand that part of the point of this is to find new people to follow who don’t have many followers, if your algorithm is going to show stuff from people with zero followers and hardly any views/likes on anything, that increases the chance that the algorithm will show users stuff from people who just made a new account after their last one got banned for posting shit thats against the rules. I’m not saying it should only show you stuff from people with a good number of followers, but it probably shouldnt recommend accounts at all until they have at least some interactions showing that at the very least they arent posting straight up gore, or anything else not allowed like porn.

  1. This is related somewhat to other vids it has showed me thus far, but it seems pretty much entirely random and like it pretty much consistently only shows me low quality content, even aside from the gore. Like even if an account does put out good content, the byte it decides to show me is a silly thing of them and their friends making faces at the camera. I would understand if it showed me some a users best work at the moment, stuff thats getting a lot of likes from the people who do follow them.

but if you’re showing me stuff that was literally posted seconds ago, that no one has seen, that means that if its some bad shit i will be one of the very first people to see it, and its not like anyone would have the opportunity to report it before me. I dunno, maybe just universally make sure you arent showing people content posted a few seconds beforehand from an account with zero stars? most of the time its like, okay its boring but thats fine, but this just seems like a recipe for disaster. At least make sure you aren’t shoving this shit on people’s feeds (which again, theres no option to turn off!!) unless it has been through the bare minimum of community vetting, I.E. like 20 people scrolled past it without reporting it.

Sorry if this is put kind of rudely, I know theres a lot of kinks to work out in the algorithm but i’m just kinda fucking upset about the fact that gore was just put on my home feed. I have seen some terrible shit on the internet, but only when I was sorting by new and stuff. I am pretty certain i have never seen anything like this through any websites recomendations feature.

Please at least as a quick fix give us the option to disable “for your consideration” until its improved somewhat, because whatever caused it to put that on my home feed obviously means it has some major issues


Just to add onto this, the next byte I got reccomended just now was the very first video that was posted 7 seconds ago by a brand new account, it was their very first byte. Luckily this was again just another “eh boring”, but i noticed it because seriously, if the algorithm is putting bytes posted 7 seconds ago that are the very first byte from that account, its a recipe for disaster. Maybe at least have a minimum account age+number of bytes before you start reccomending people?

Oh, and if there isn’t already one, something that prevents bytes from being reccomended if they’ve already been reported and haven’t been approved afterward yet.


I think blocking them will prevent their content from appearing again for now, but I’m sure Dom mentioned he is working on the algorithm still and there is a possibility he is aware about the infinite emails people can make. I think it’s just a matter of waiting till he addresses the issue is when it’ll stop, to be fair he is working on a lot and managed to help with a wave of spam comments. I also deeply apologize that you had to see gore of any kind on the app <3


That’s kinda alarming :cold_sweat: I hope it’s not a common thing.


This is the first time I have seen it at least, but it made me realize how easy it is to get these reccomended if the algorithm doesnt have standards like “account must be over x days old with x number of videos, videos can’t be reccomended unless at least 10 people have viewed them without reporting it, etc”. That way it won’t be another popularity contest, but you’ll at least know it wasn’t a shock account made 2 minutes ago that’s going to be reported by everyone whose homepage it gets shoved on.

(Not proposing a minimum follower limit or number of likes or anything cause that would defeat the purpose, just please at least make sure nothing will end up there unless at least a few other human beings have seen it and said “nope, this isn’t against the rules!”)


K, I understand if my other posts for smaller issues/suggestions aren’t getting dev responses, but I think “a serious oversight in the way this feature functions means it can shove gore and shock accounts on people’s feeds” needs some acknowledgement, if only to show whether or not its been read

Mostly i just want to know whether theres any plans to give us the ability to turn off “for your consideration”.

really sorry you encountered this. we weren’t anticipating some of the content that has been posted to the platform, and while we’re getting quite good at moderating it, the volume of content and the way FYC works means it sometimes surfaces new posts before they even have time to be flagged

we’re planning on adjusting the feature so that this shouldn’t happen (and by extension the random quality of the videos), or removing it entirely


Thanks for responding, and yeah, my main suggestion would be to implement something that prevents anything being shown from accounts under a few days old to prevent accounts that will be banned within a few hours of joining from popping up on FYC, or making sure it doesnt reccomend bytes posted less than say a few hours ago so that it’s had time to be reported/removed if need be.

Most of the bytes I have encountered thus far though FYC have had timestamps like “posted 11s ago” or “posted 7s ago”, so yeah, even if someone else would have reported it its not likely they would have any time to.

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Wait, if it gets removed, will it come back, or is it lights out for the FYC??

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