Major bug needs to be fixed!

Okay so this is a persistent problem I found but until I got a new phone I didn’t realize it was actually a bug and not my water-damaged iPhone 7 Plus. So basically every time i try to post a video i’ve edited with finalcutpro it fails to compress it and crashes the album screen sending you back to the camera. All videos tested were exported to my phone from a macbook pro in 4K. I made a screen recording of it in hopes it would better explain, but i’m now realizing I can’t attach a video to this thread…


Try uploading in 720x1280 until Byte has the capability to scale clips natively. This bug has popped up in various places across the forums, always worth a search before you post :slight_smile:

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Have you tried scaling that down to HD 1080 x 1920 before uploading? 4K is overkill for Byte, and I’m guessing the file size is pretty huge. I’m not sure how large a file Byte can process, sounds like that could be causing the crash. iPhone 7 won’t have as much processing power for 4k files.


Oh, yeah, I crave nice and crisp footage. Sometimes I download tiktoks and edit them. Depending on what I do, the horrible compression gives me some pain or loads of it. One of the solutions I post on other similar threads is to post your thing to a story and save it from there, and now I wonder if I insta can eat 4k, but anyway, I assume byte is a smaller company, so, yeah. I’m actually surprised how well they deal with stuff so far.

Also, another pain is when you see the edit you worked on get compressed, oof.