Loyal Byter pt 2

Several months ago I shared a discussion called Loyal Byter and I gave some tips on becoming your best byter self, so I wanted to extend that a bit here again.

I do not want to incite another wild 500+ comment thread, but I did want to say I just finished reading a Forbes article talking about how many TikTokers make over $1mil and I was astounded, but this article got me thinking about the last booming forum post.

If OG Byters don’t get to be verified on the platform they chose to represent over these last 8 months (and in some cases two years), then they could miss their chance to get their content out there to a broader audience. My OG friends and I gave a lot to creating content on this app alone and it would be unfortunate for our content to get suppressed by the influx of already famous verified users. They have several platforms they’ve built audiences on, so if they bring their audiences to byte, their audience is going to follow them anyway. They don’t need additional spotlights.

I guess all I’m saying is please give us the chance to make ourselves into the creators we aspired to be since the beginning. Anyone who has posted consistently since the first 3-4 months of release should be afforded the opportunity to be verified even if they aren’t famous on TikTok or Instagram.

We’re all trying to make something of ourselves. Help us flourish like we aspired to help this app do for so long.



a little off topic but … I think it would be interesting at an opportune time when a large number of users arrive in the byte (as happened in the last week) having a featured channel called “discover OG Byters” I think it would help OG Byters not to be stepped on by famous tiktokers


Great post Branda, I agree. People who have been pumping out content since beta and public launch shouldn’t feel like they don’t matter. I understand user retention being insanely important but what if Byte is the first platform OG users ever made content for? How are they to prove they’re deserving of verification when this platform is the only one they’ve garnered an audience on? I have faith that the team will figure out a way to compensate for both sides of the spectrum. If someone is famous by all means verify them, but if you’ve been using the app since beta or public launch then you should be acknowledged too.


I’m waiting to see who will be the next Nash Grier of byte :rofl:

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I love that idea for real!


Absolutely. I’m in that boat. This is the only platform I’ve really dedicated myself to creating content for, but I went at it hard because I loved it here.


That’s one of my biggest worries. I’m not verified on any platform, so there’s no hope for my verification here, where I have my biggest audience.


I believe in you ;-; You deserve to have a fancy badge next to your name! (I made some videos for vine but I started so late there was no way to grow. So we’re in the same boat) meaning byte is all I post to. Byte is so organic and I love it.


I agree with this. A lot of us could have given all of our focus to TikTok and grew with that app. The reach and audience you can get over there is insane. But we kept our attention here because we believed in this app. Now a lot us are asking ourselves if it was even worth it.


I mean personally I wanna say that persona a is working and was on the app, community or whatever first deserves the appreciation and person B who come after person A must put in the same work and start at the same place that Person A has. But then again sometimes person b might have put in a ton of work outside of this app or community enough to kind of deserve the same appreciation as person A.

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And I’m sure that person B, if they put in that same amount of work, does get the level of appreciation they deserve on their respective platforms. @Jacobshadowminer


:raised_hands:t2: Same!


I feel like people see verification different ways which is a problem. Like personally I see it as something you need when you are a larger creator because of multiple accounts being made impersonating you and wanting your audience to find you easier. Especially if you have a large following outside of Byte and you want them to find you easily here. I don’t personally see any reason I would need to be verified for example.


i was a bit stuck on this if i am honest, i dont personally believe the length of tenure exclusively entitles people to anything in life however i do understand where your coming from and think this is an exceptional circumstance

i feel as if the byters with a long tenure did much more than create content on byte in the early days and rather laid down the foundations for what is now a very prosperous and complex community and gave suggestions and feedback that shaped the app for potentially months, if not years, to come

and for that reason, i do think original byters deserve some reward. what that is i am not nessecarily sure but i would agree with what you have suggested


I’m still wondering if I can actually get verified as Black Superman :sob::skull:

(Edit: please don’t ask me to fly as a form of verification🙏🏾)


I’d definitely agree that people who have been around a long time and like you said, shaped the app and laid down foundations, definitely deserve some recognition or appreciation for that.


You have my full support


i agree with your statement. nonetheless, posts like these are tough to formulate decisive thoughts to concede to. to my understandings, the sole purpose of the verification badge is determined to be an account of public interest; this represents public figures, celeb, or brand it represents. the term is vague but nowadays anybody can get verified depending on the connections/process. i do believe that creator who is/was part of the byte PP merits to get verified; including (OG) content creators that are kinda pumping creativity. byte can propose qualification criteria for non-popular creators outside of byte

not, advocating for everyone to get a badge cause that’ll defeat the purpose of verification. there should limitations to a certain extent. imo


TBH I’ve been here for a while, and I’m also currently a partner, but I don’t think that merits me getting a verification badge because simply; I’m not a public figure.

I can understand the anxious feelings of having larger creators migrate to byte and kind of take the “top spots” but frankly, they had to work hard for their followings - and thats something we will have to do as well. There is enough room for everyone and tbh every creator on byte is getting a little bit bigger every day. There is literally only up from here.


And to @Pac as you both kinda of iterated the same idea here, I absolutely agree that there is a disparity in what verification can mean, but it can not be denied that on ANY platform, if there is a verification next to someone’s name, it is interpreted that that is a person of interest. Even if you didn’t know who they were prior, when you see the check, you start to wonder “oh, this must mean they’re important, perhaps I should follow them”. It could be an unconscious bias, but it is present nonetheless, which is why some people feel like it is a representative of something other than just saying you got famous somewhere else, and this is that confirmed person’s account.

Also, none of us are immune from a future fame in which others might want to create fake profiles. We can’t see number of followers, but there could be people who create fake profiles of partners and OGs in hopes of amassing a fake following. You both have thousands of followers and could be susceptible.

Famous Viners, TikTokers, & Youtubers are known as Viners, TikTokers, & Youtubers, but if Byte continues to flourish and doesn’t recognize devote Byters in some way, there won’t be anyone noted to be a famous “Byter” they’ll just be famous Tiktokers who migrated to Byte.

I’m just trying to take into consideration the brand evolution and the morale of some partners and OG’s. It’s fine to be humble, I’m extremely humbled by the mutuals I’ve amassed here, but I’m not going to act like it wouldn’t be nice to have the chance at fame that other platforms provided for their OGs.

I hope that makes sense and I didn’t just ramble lol