Low Quality Video [SOLVED]

[I read around a bit on other posts and found out I could turn the quality to “always best” which I was unaware was even an option. I just assumed it was some update issue because I only noticed it happen once I updated but I changed the setting and videos look fine in app now]

I’m on an LG V40 ThinQ.
After the most recent update I noticed that the in app quality of all videos had lowered. Everything is more noticeably pixelated and if I follow the link to view the video from the website the pixelation is no longer present.

Here is in app.

Here is on website.


I am experiencing the same issue i have a Samsung Galaxy 10+ and after the recent update all my videos quality has lowered @dom do you think there will be an update to help fix the quality of videos for android users


Hey I just found out there’s a setting where you can adjust the quality. You should check and see if you’re having the same issue and if you can just fix it by adjusting the setting to always best