Loving the new iOS update

-So the new update is really cool it got a new tab on the main page which is called your mix it is like (for you) of tiktok but more cool duh
-filter for follow and comments and likes
-follow back
-more customisation

Just loving it


well . i wish they would drop it for me already , i’m from u.s and still nothing :frowning:

edit : @dom lmk if it’s region based on these updates because i will move to get updates sooner


I guess the update is live for everyone

New tab photo featuring @AntinnyWorld


you can grab it on the app store now or wait for the auto update (but that can take up to 7 days). we’re following up with another one hopefully next week that fixes a few bugs that came in with this one


@dom is it available for android??

Android should be live! Check the Play Store for version 1.0.13 :slight_smile:


It’s out already, I got the updates.

ended up finding it , love some of the new things added , but i may ask is the time frame (in seconds , minutes , and hours ) after posting a video beside your name , gonna be gone for good ? i kinda liked this feature as a creator , so i had to ask

edit : reasoning be , i usually like to post one a day , so after 24 hrs is up i usually upload , i try to may i add , so i’m not really sure what time i uploaded the day before sometimes so it’s always nice to know

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you’ve probably noticed that currently on iOS captions aren’t displayed when zen mode is on. we are currently testing a version of the app that turns captions back on with zen mode (although truncated to 1 line so it doesn’t get too messy), and this will probably go out to everyone next week or the week after


But actually the zen mode is very good. Makes me watch all the videos without knowing if the person is famous or not and if he is in trend or not

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Was there a new update to the app because I have not seen anything on my App Store?

go manually update it