Love Can Hurt, Love Can Love

Do you ever think about love? How its presence can make us so damn happy but also destroy us?
Lmk how happy love made you feel or how bad it hurt to love this other person… I’d be glad to listen.


It hurts hella bad, I’m 21 never been in a relationship, don’t even know how to go abt starting one… that what hurts me the most. I’m an adult and I can’t “man up”


I’ve never had a real relationship cause I’m like 4.


i feel you!

i know you heard it alot but you’ll find someone or someone will find you. you just have to be really really active outside of the social media world in order to be able to find someone who’s not a creep or something like that…

in this world, everyone has his/her very own soulmate but as soon as you find him/her you can’t just think that you don’t have to do nothing for your relationship to work just because you two are soulmates…

good luck Breah!

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Love does not destroy. Love is pure. Love is happiness. Love is…love. People keep confusing heartache and betrayal with love.

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