Loudness normalisation for quiet Bytes

I enjoy sorting by new on /musicmakers, I end up finding lots of amateur musicians who are beginning to get into making covers and the like - but a lot of these people are just recording stuff using their phone’s mic, and it can come out very quietly in the app.

Of course, I could just turn up my phone’s volume to hear them - but then I end up scrolling down to the next byte and suddenly it’s playing through a loudspeaker.

My suggestion is to run the audio of every byte through some kind of normalisation algorithm when it gets uploaded, similar to what music streaming services do (though it doesn’t need to be as sophisticated as their algorithms, just compensating for peak loudness should be enough in most cases). That way everything on the platform will be roughly the same volume, and it’ll make scrolling a little bit more consistent!

I know this is only a small QoL suggestion so I’d understand if it gets put on the backburner for now, but it’d be nice to have someday.