Lots of fake v2s

So, lots of fake V2s are being released and although we all think it’s not gonna be a big deal, one of those could just explode and fill the v2s need. What do you think would stop that? I honestly think releasing the v2 app sooner would do the trick but idk


Not a great idea. I rather have the best app, one made with love and a lot of care instead of a rushed one.


@dom warned everyone that there are NO accounts for V2 yet. If people stay up to date with that, it should be ok. We don’t want to rush him to publish the app.


better to be better than first


Certainly! It is as simple as that :smile:

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Would prefer an app that was the best it could be when released. Fake apps wouldn’t be properly recognised by the creators and would not have the features we are all hoping v2 does.


Patience is a virtue fam,


What are these apps called?

I think it’s best to have an app that has been put together through a lot of hard work and made to be amazing no matter how long it will take to release it.

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This thread has a little bit about this

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They’re leeches. They suck off of v2’s publicity then release apps that have no time put into them, and will likely die out quickly. It’s best to just let them try so they won’t get as much publicity

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Zen, and coub are lame

Don’t want to rush it haha, we want V2 to be best as possible. Though yea I have seen a bunch of fake apps like vine. Oevo is claiming to be so good it’s the “new V2” haha

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Well I’m just concerned that they’d somehow get a boost and just grow at a fast pace, other than that yeah it’s better to be better

I would prefer them wait, it will be a lot more polished

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Coub has been around for a while now. It kept me alive when vine died, so what are you saying? I will defend Coub as much as I loved vine. Coub is a great place for edits but like Vine, V2 really will be the place where former viners and new V2 users can on the star of the show and get that fan engagement. That’s why I am hear. There is just something obviously right about v2 that I will not get from Coub and I don’t know about Zen. I am so excited for v2.