Losing hope on V2

I’m very disappointed about the recent post dom made, I have been on and off this forum since it was made and so excited to use this new app around summer time, I’m sorry to say this but I think I’m going to move on from this entirely, the way he worded his post basically made it sound like it won’t even happen, you guys do you but I think it’s over :-/


Especially when he’s promoting other apps for us to use that have a somewhat similar format as Vine… AND him working/helping/connecting with the teams working on those such other apps :unamused:

Such a let down… a HUGE one

Yeah pretty upset, who knows maybe he will randomly some how he will finish it sometime soon but I doubt it.

He’s not cancelling it. He’s delaying it! You just have to wait a little longer. I don’t know why people are saying it’s over. :confused:


I totally understand, it’s just I don’t want to sit here waiting for a year and then him not even come out with it, trust me I still very much want it to happen but if it takes too long I’ll lose interest if that makes sense


I understand! Losing patience it totally normal. But just remember to keep checking the forums like once a week or two to see if there’s any updates. Or just follow @dhof on twitter! If you ever make a V2 account I look forward to seeing you make some cool vines! :slight_smile: :joy:


Yeah I’ll check up on it every once in a while and dom deleted literally everything lol, and same to you


Changed it too off topic

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Aight lol

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Hope is the key lmao. Don’t make me post some sloppy sad quotes to raise the mood! :joy:

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I agree. You cant lose hope

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My hope meter is sooo down but still there…I’ll do what I can to keep it up and check in here

Yea i feel the same as you man, I’ve spent so much time researching and coming up with ideas. I don’t blame you at all but I do think its worth spending 5 minutes a week looking on the forums for a potential update

Just because V2 isn’t happening soon does not mean you have to wait to start your career!

Something great you can do is work on building your social media presence on instagram, twitter and youtube currently! You can create the videos you have thought of and share them and see how they are received. By the time, V2 comes out, you’ll be a pro or you might already have a strong fanbase to bring over!

Working on large platforms like instagram, twitter and youtube will better help you find your niche and your voice because you will be compared to “strong personalities”. That may seem counterproductive but it truly helps. If you’re trying to become the best rapper you can be, are you going to test your abilities next to someone like woahhvicky or someone like kendrick lamar right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Use the delay to your advantage and improve your skills :grin:

OEVO is a great app lol so similar to V2, you could get some experience on there first.