Loops vs. views

A video shows 5k plus views but my account only shows 4k loops what does that mean? and why isn’t it thing that on may stats?


There’s two types of loops:

X-Number of times the byte has been viewed

Y-Number of total seconds watched

To figure out the view count (X), get Y divided by how long your byte is in secs then you get X

Seconds replaced loops for the counter on a byte. So that’s 5k seconds not loops.


so the play button with the circle around it is the total number of seconds it was watched?


But you don’t HAVE to tell people that. Call it views :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Part of me likes loops more just cause they’re more familiar but from my understanding the move to a seconds watched based system if for a better algorithm in the long run and if that’s the case I’m fine with the seconds instead of loops

if you were to view your own byte channel in the web browser html, it still shows as loop counts, the app shows seconds viewed specifically.

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