Loops line from Pre(me)um - The unofficial Byte Look

So for a while and why I haven’t really posted on byte a couple of days or so me @Libzy_itm and @rommie have been working on a sort of unofficial (possibly official if dom like the idea enough) merch line called loops from a start-up clothing project of mine called pre(me)um - Make your look yours. The goal of my project is to make different lines/looks based on certain styles for creators or noncreators giving people the option to put their names on it and freely make their look theirs as our tagline says.

The goal is to make it easier to make merch or collab compared to most premium brands like Nike etc which is where the name originated from. Anyways so there is this shirt I have made for myself that people are starting to like/love the design of right here


And we wanna make these for more people and sell them potentially and perhaps also make other styles such as Loop Life or Do it for the loop etc using the same design as the shirt above. This is something we are all super passionate about and wanna make sure we do this the right way and that we can do this for people who rlly like my shirt designs and designs in general because we would love everyone to have one of these.

If you have any questions or recommendations for what we do next (since atm it is unofficial and we would need approval etc but who knows the idea might take off) let me @Libzy_itm or @rommie know. We plan on selling t-shirts at 15$ a piece and only using the money to reinvest into more shirts but we also were thinking maybe we could give profits to the partner program etc.

Also if you have any questions about Pre(me)um my brand just in general u can ask me anything there.

~ Jacob, Rodin, Rommie


This right here will bring take off. It encourages creativity much like the app and is unique in its own way. Hopefully it’ll okay hand in hand with the team possibility become something that is known.

Everyone please buy a shirt to support this app whole also supporting this clothing brand


Sounds interesting and look forward to seeing where this goes. My only comment would be that I don’t think it would be necessary to give any profits to the partner program if this was approved.


Can the shirts be sustainably sourced please?


For now since we’re just starting out and I don’t have enough to cover border fees and stuf idk. What country do you live in?

The US

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Oh then yeah totally I live in the us no problem. I’ll be making them well iron on printing them for now.