Loops Byte merch line from premeum poll. What do u guys want?

Me, @Jacobshadowminer , @Libzy_itm nd @rommie and @Geds have been working more on our small clothing project, working on getting Byte merch out to the people, and we want to hear from y’all to see what we need to work on more! Right now we plan on using Teespring to fulfill orders like masks etc and more on that soon! :eyes:

Our clothing line premeum and our loops line focused similarly on how byte is on making ur own creativity more important thus the tagline ( Premeum - Make your look) and has been doing pretty well in the first phase beta batch! So far a ton of people really cannot wait to get their hands on the rest of our first beta batch and the next beta batch coming after that!! :smile:

If you want to join Premeum’s official discord please join here!

If you want to fill out the form and help us know more please go here!


Yassssssss! I can’t wait to see where this goes!


Everyone fill in the forms for what merch you want us to produce

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okay anyone who had issues getting to the link for our survey here it is. I copied the wrong link.