Loop preview Issues

So, JCyrus was rapping in this post https://byte.co/b/ILkn3q3Z3fH that he is having issues with his loop preview screen. Basically what he sees on the loop preview screen isn’t what the post loops like when it is posted on the app. I use to have this issue, but for the past 2-3 months it’s been perfectly fine for me. I use to also have looping issues when I would try to reupload something that I saved to camera roll (saving it to camera roll seemed to have removed 0.5s from the video) when I was on the loop preview screen, but even that has been fixed.

The only times I sometimes see issues is when add text on my videos and try to save them to camera roll and try to reupload those videos. To get around this, I usually have to just make sure that if I’m adding text on the video I have to just post it right away. Also, if I download a video that has already been posted and look at it on the preview screen it cuts off a bit of the time as well.

But, just out of curiosity, has anyone else been experiencing loop preview issues? I honestly don’t really notice anything major like the issue that JCyrus was mentioning.

Yes, I’ve had this problem myself. I have the public beta now and I can’t recall experiencing this lately. Maybe that would help him some.


Yes I agree, I think that that’d be a good idea… I wish he was more active on the forums so he could better explain his issue to us lol. But, since I’m active on the forums, I just wanted to relay this message here so the Byte team would be aware :pray: :slightly_smiling_face: :pray:

It seems like this person may be having issues with looping as well