Looking to do Collabs

So ok I’ve been really slacking on my Collab game and I REALLY want to get it going again! So if anyone is interested we can do some brainstorming on insta and frick rebyte for rebyte I wanna do Collab for Collab lol if you’re game for it! I’m willing to try new things too anything but I rather not sing :woozy_face: (just take my word for it :joy:)

I wanna use this opportunity to start connecting with new people that I’ve never really had the chance to talk too or people I’ve only had a few in counters with. (Also if you’re reading this and we’ve already Collabed or talked before that’s fine too! I’m just really in the mood to start creating again!)

My Byte is Acadrien if you want to check me out first and if you’re game drop your insta here and we’ll get in touch :grin:


I- :joy::joy::joy:

I’ll be down for a collab but I have a lot that are still pending some will get pissed lowkey once they come across this post :joy:

Insta: @cp.ktm


Hit me up anytime I am down!

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My first collab possibly???

Insta: @davidconnollio for messaging

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Always down to collab IG: @Adrioxas

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If you want to do collab we can try it!?


I am completely down. With the colab not the sickness. IG- @theplumster15

Same name on insta. I’m up for whatever. I have a few collabs going. I draw you like a French girl, Titanic reference. Or the #bytemister dog and pet show.

I’m definitely down for some collab action.
IG: imrdavis727