Looking for some feedback on my comedy

I’m the kind of guy that laughs at his own jokes even if no one thought it was funny so id love to know if i’m actually funny or just cringy. My acc is @AJfrombyte.


You’re funny dude. Followed.

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Yeah I just got the notifications, appreciate it man.

In your byte about the cursing guy and “the English language,” your delivery of the lines (Jeez, that sounds so pretentious :joy:) sounds stilted and stiff. Next time you should make the dialogue more realistic. Instead of:

“Hey, language!”

Do something like:

“Woah, there. Language!”
“Umm… English?-“

IDK if this helps. It’s hard to explain. The TL:DR version is, make your dialogue more organic and less scripted-sounding

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With the extra 1.5 seconds added, that should give you some extra time to add some quick little lines to add a little “spice,” for lack of a better word

Funny af

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I’ll look at your content right now.

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thanks for the feedback ill definitely work on it.