Looking for Ideas for Bytes?

Hey there, peeps!

Just wanted to take a moment to share a new page I set up this evening: @ideacubes!

I’ve had these story/idea cubes for several years, for writing purposes, and haven’t gotten much use out of them… but I thought I’d change that by sharing the cubes with the Byte community!

The premise behind the page: each week (on a Sunday through Saturday basis), five idea cubes will be rolled and reveal five different icons. With these five icons, creators who wish to participate will create a Byte that incorporates something related to each of the five icons.

With all the comments on users “not feeling motivated”, I wanted to create something to help steer us all in the direction where we all create content on a more regular basis. There is not contest or competitive element to this page - it is merely meant to be a page to help prompt users who want to create but don’t know where to start.

Feel free to follow the page and keep an eye out for the first set of cubes to be rolled and determined for “WEEK 1” of this new, innovative page later today (Sunday, 14 June)! Looking forward to see how we, as creators, embrace these ideas in our own collective, unique ways!


Cool idea!


First week’s cubes are up and ready to be used in your next Byte!


It’s kinda like the featured categories that everyone loves so much


This is a great idea :+1: :bulb:


Good idea