Looking for Fellow artists/Creators to Group chat on Instagram

I will add the first 15, as 16 is the maximum amount of people. Please artists/ creators only


ig: @he.s.alex
If you want here a Facebook engagement group to start on v2!
:point_right: https://www.facebook.com/groups/149022245757904 :point_left:


Been making videos of my own for the past few months
have a look first then add me up if you think it falls in the category @damnitdc

There are many threads like this. Please look before making a thread to minimize duplication :smiley:


Please add me @jpmusicofficial

dm me on twitter

I think we should all go on twitter I’m following @kaden

Hey my instagram is @leesmithwho add me if you want to!

For the v2 creators group


And I would like an instagram GC

My insta is @bjerraji

I would love to be on a group chat with artists and creators I’m hoping to become one when v2 opens up my ig is @bringthewhipback2k17

I missed the 15 mark, but if you change your mind you can add me @lissa_ray